Ruhaniyaat (Segment 36)

His point of view –
The argument in the room disturbs my sleep and i groan..
My head hurts..
I look around to see that i am in my room..
I was in my study..
Then how come..?
As i try to get up the comforter slips and cool air hits my chest..
Why is my shirt off..?
I never sleep shirtless..
Even Pie knows this..

I focus my mind to the two people in the room..
One is Pie and another is..
Who is she??
And why is she here?? And why is she wearing my shirt..?
“Pie” i murmur and instantly my girl comes to my side..
She gives me a glass of water and i gulp it down instantly..
The other unknown girl yes lets call her that for the time being walks over to me ..
I see Pie moving behind and giving her space..
What happened to my angry tigeress.

Her point of view –
I really dont know what i should feel now..
Maybe anger ..but Dex hasnt done anything..but he…he dosnt recognise my touch…?
Thats why when that witch came towards him i stepped behind observing his actions closely..
He gave me a confused look.
“Who are you??” He questioned the girl as she came over to him.
“Remember Baby we had an amazing night together..” she replied with a giggle
“What nonsense..! I have seen you for the first time in my life” Dex growled
All this was a prank..?

His point of view-
I look over at Pie and then at the unknown girl and then the realization starts to sink in..
Pie believes the girl..
Is she going to leave me??
Will i get lonely again..?
No….no … i can’t let this happen ..
I need to show her … my love ..she gotta believe in me
I get up from the bed and grab a shirt..
I catch hold of that girl hand and drag her to my living room..

Pie following behind..
“Get out..” i yell at the girl..
” You cant possibly throw me out for this sl*t ” she says pointing at Pie
Thats when i loose my temper..
How Dare She ..?
I grab her hair in my fist and yank her head back..” Listen to me…and listen to me good..nobody talks to my fiance like that and i mean nobody..
Next time if i hear you talk rubbish about her me when i say this …you will not be able to see another day..
Get lost..from here before i do something..”
She runs out of the door grabbing her stuff..
I turn around to see my girl with tears in her eyes..
Ohh…i hurt my girl.. what do i do now??

P.S any suggestions for Dex to convince his girl.?


  1. Jerry

    U cn add song ‘phir suna’ by Gajendra varma

    The story is now running like roller coaster ride😁 everything seems dark than comes happy moments and again something unexpected happens….. Bt must say enjoying this ride!

  2. chanu

    he is dex so he knows hw 2 convince her pie.
    this epi is awsome as always. rly lv ur ff.
    keep writing dr.
    be happy always

  3. Arshaanya

    |Registered Member

    I so want dis to happen ruthi pie n manaoing dex…luvd d chapie spcly d way how dex said nobody talks to my fiance lhk dat..
    Continue soon

  4. shiksha

    Its the love and trust between the both broken dearies which works the wonders, coming to the suggestions do dex really need it,from us?u r more than enough my dear.I’m loving their journey.

  5. Divyarani

    Ufff finally am free frm my xams..sryy pragya for not cmenting fr da previous one’s..but trust me..i use to miss ur stories due to my xams..but nw am free…cming to da usal u nailed it sweety…i know pie gonna trust him..but smwhere she is hurt fr not recognizng hr touch…soo my suggestion would b lyk..y don’t u put some emotional conversation btw dem..lyk dex b in scare for losing his pie..n xplaning her importance in his lyf..n pie undrstands nd soothing his pain n viceversa…n den upto u…i know wat ever u gonna’s gonna b superhit..but don’t delay in posting dr…

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