Ruhaniyaat (Segment 35)


Few days later
Her point of view –
“Jhonny…don’t be naughty…”
I look over to my friends who were giving me questioning looks..
We were having a sleep over and my phone started ringing out of nowhere
“Jhonny leave me…” says the girl from the other side and the line goes dead.
“Guys i need to go..” i say and quickly grab my bag..

Feelings creating a havoc in my mind
They all look at me surprised …it was me who had called for a sleepover to make up for the bachellor party incident and now i was the one leaving..
Yet no one protested…i guess the expressions on my face gave away my restlessness
As i reach the house it was quiet … i wonder if he is even home..
Maybe its just a prank that someone played on me..
As i am about to turn and leave the door opens revealing the girl at the beach..
She is dressed in..
Wait..why is she dressed in Dex’s shirt..?
What the hell is happening here..?
Is he just like my father..?
Has he been cheating on me all the while..?

Is his love a pretence…?
“Hey …you…?? Tum kaun ho..?” questions the girl..
“I ..I am …. am his … ” i trail off not knowing what to say .
“Whatever….” she says and is about to close the door…
When i intervene…
I am not my mother.. i am not going to give up when he is sleeping around with other girls..
And a part of me…
A part of me wants answers..

” I need to meet him..”
” He is asleep..You know he is very tired..” she adds giggling..
The thought of them together disgusts me..
I push her aside and head towards his room..
“Hey you…wait up..!” She yells.
I give her a deaf ear and proceed to his room to see him sprawled on the bed in a really awkward position …with his shirt off..
Wait with his shirt off..?
But Dex never sleeps with his shirt off..

Something is wrong here..
I watch her as she walks over to him and leans down ..
“Pie you are back ” he says as he pulls her closer..
Dex behaviour gives me the confidence that i need and i begin to question her about her whereabouts..
I tell her that i am his fiance and we have been together for a while now.
Then i walked over to Dex to put him in a comfortable position when she says
“Stay away from him..”
“Excuse me..?” I question
“b*t*h you heard me .. he might have told you a lot of things about him loving you and stuff but you are just a star on his shoulder” she spat..

“Like you..? ” I questioned amused
“Listen here you girl..we share something that is way too deep…so standing here and staking your claim won’t work…
I have him in ways you could never imagine..” i finished with a smile
“Yea right you dumbass..i suppose you dint know he was cheating on you with some girl named Pie…You really thought you were the only one..?
He kept murmering her name whenever i went near him..” she rebutted making me grunt in amusement..

“You really have no idea ..” i said as i began to laugh as loudly as possible..

P.S what do you think will be the impact of this incident on their life..?

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  1. Nice..well I’m back again b/w the hectic schedule.uf dr u r amazing as always.

    1. thank u

  2. omg! wt da hell hs hpn.
    plz dnt separate them. & i trust dex. sm were playing tricks on them i think.

    hey i nly read ur last epi in cpl f hur ago. so i think u ddnt see my cmnt sry 4 being late.

    keep writing
    be happy always

    1. hey chanu. dont worry i read all comments..har ek reader zaruri hota hai

  3. nice..waiting for d nxt one..

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  4. Rabia

    Hahahaha nice ?

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  5. Soujanya


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  6. Oh god whois this woman now..?
    It was an amazing part dear.

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  7. Soo confusing n somehow shocking too..?? but loved it.

    1. thanks

  8. Arshaanya

    I knw dex cnt do dis dats y hez jus murmering pie z name… bt how d hell dat girl came here n whuz playing dis game??
    Maybe d person frm swaraz past…
    Continue soon want to knw wat happens nxt

    1. thank u

  9. Rekha


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  10. Awesome

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