Ruhaniyaat (Segment 34)

Her best friend point of view –
“Teeeddd……he ……he is back….he will….u come …Now… ” says Doll over the phone…
I quickly grab my keys and head out..
I drive frantically to her house and i find her behind the kitchen door..
“Ted..” she whispers and crashes in my arms..
I take her to her room and make her lie down..
“He ….is…ba..back..” she keeps murmuring about him being back…
I need to find out..i need to talk to uncle about this..
I send a sms to uncle to meet me in some time at his office…
After doll has calmed down i try to lighten the mood by telling her about mine and Angel’s proposal

That day after i delivered my maiden over she yelled from the stands that i have been wanting to hear from a long time..
“I love you captain …. Go …get them..”

I send a flying kiss towards the stands to where she is sitting and i see her blush instantly..
In our innings i dedicate a over to her where i hit all sixes ..
After the victory she comes to me and i pick her twril ling her..
End of flashback —
By the time i finish narrating her the incident i see Doll is almost asleep…
So i cover her in comforter and come to the hall to talk to uncle..
“Uncle .. he is here too..abh kya karein..?”
“Beta office aaa jaao… aram se baith kar bath karte hai …”

I recheck on doll to see that she okay..
I grab my keys and head to meet uncle..
As i take out my car i see a car pull over in the driveway…
Assuming him to be someone who stays in the society i drive off…
His point of view-
As i entered the house it was pitch dark..
“Pie …babu..kaha ho aap…”
I switched on the lights and found her asleep in my room..
I quickly changed my clothes and got in the comforter with her..

As soon as she felt my touch she hugged me tight..
“Baby …its me shona…….look at me..”
She gently lifted her face and i saw relief on it..
“Dex…pl…pleassseee dont leave me…he…he…” and she burried herself more into me.
“Shhh bacha main hoon na…mere hote hue kuch nai hoga apko…Promise…”
“Pakka promise..?” She asks innocently..
“Yes love..”
With that she relaxes in my arms and doses off

P.S I see that people are getting too confused about the names..
Ted is pie’s best friend.
Jhonny and Dex are same person
John is Dex’s best friend
Angel is dex’s and john”s sister and ted’s girl.

This episode to all you dearest readers i love you all .
You guys really make my day with lovely comments
Thank you

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    Thanx stoneheart…. My confusion got cleared i was rereading some chappy to get clear the confusion… Btw who is going to kill pie. πŸ™

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    nice… ted n dex know each other before?

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