Ruhaniyaat (Segment 33)


Few days later

His point of view –
“Kitne baar kaha hain ..9 baje kay baad phone mat kia karo…” i yelled over to my secreatry
“Sir wo …. wo”
“Wo wo kya..”
“clients ko out of town jana pad raha hain suddenly…”
“I will call you back in 10 minutes to let you know…” i say and hang up before she can say anything..
I stomp my feet and go downstairs to the kitchen where Pie is making dinner..
She senses my anger …
I dont know how she does that but by just looking at me …she can understand what has happened to me or what i need..
“Sweety kya hua..?”
“Wo meeting hain meri and muze nahi jana…” i whine….
She just smiles and ruffles my hear murmuring
“Such a kid..!”
” Hey stop calling me a kid… I am elder to you by 2 years…!” I exclaim proudly..

Her point of view –
I surpress my giggles and continue my cooking ..
I know 1 escaped giggle can cost me too much…
Half an hour of tickling and trust me i am very ticklish..
If someone even thinks of tickling me i start my break dance…
“Jao na meeting kay liye..Zaroori kaam hoga …”
“But we are suppose to spend our evenings together na…” .
“Ek evening alag bita rahe hain …poori zindagi nai…” i joke …
He takes my hand and pulls me to himself harshly ….. and give me a tight hug…
“Our sepration will kill me…”
“Dex main bass mazak karri thi…” i try to reason …
But he has already left the kitchen and is in the room..

His point of view –
Wo aise soch bhi kaise sakti hain ki hum alag rahenge…
Hum hamesha sath rahenge ..
Wo meri hain …sirf meri…aur hamesha mere paas hi rahegi…
I quickly change into my work clothes and head to study to grab my files..
I see my Pie arranging my table and packing my laptop bag..
When she hears the door open she smiles at me..
“I am sorry sweetheart..pleash..” she says in a childlike voice and ..
Mera kya hai i instantly know i am totally whipped…
I walk over to her and hungrilly kiss her …savouring the taste of her lips..
And as usual someone becomes the villain of our story disturbing our moment..

Her point of view-
Oh god..!
God save the person whoever is on the other side..
It was his secreatry…
I mentally wished her best of luck for what was coming her way..
He received the phone face red in anger
“Ek baar kaha na aaa raha hoon..Baar Baar phone karne ki zaroorat nahi hain ….!” He yells
I held his hand to calm him down..
He kissed my cheek and left for his meeting..
Some time later –
“Hi jaan…remember me..?”
Omg omg… he is back..
He is back ….
Abh mai mai kya karoon ….
Dex…dex….koi bachaoooo…
Yes …he will .
Will help me…
And then i hear him laugh…
Laugh at my helplesness

P.S Dex is back with his fiance..He missed you all so much.!

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  1. lovely chappy dear… loved it..??

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  5. Arshaanya

    Aaww loved it… omg whuz d new villian??continue soon..
    v also missed u Dex ?

    1. patience baby patience

  6. Awesome dear.. Sorry couldn’t comment on last chappies. Now who is this new villain? ?

    1. thank u and dw abt cmments jus enjoy the story

  7. Vyshu10

    awwie….dex and pie ep finally. God! Missed them so much. Seems like all 4 lives will start intertwining

    1. thank u so much..they missed u too

  8. Wow nice epi..
    lv it..
    yaaa I miss dex so much..
    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya..

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  9. I was missing dex and pie soooòooooooo much
    Ab kya hoga i m very excited to read more
    Plz upload nxt ep about dex and pie plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. thank u so much..

  10. Kaza

    Hey pie is afraid of john or Johnny right ??!! thats why whenever she hears the jaan word she is behaving so weirdly

    1. jhonny is dex… john is dex best friend…and she is not scared of them..yes she does react on the word Jaan..

    1. thank u

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