Ruhaniyaat (Segment 30)


Angel’s point of view-
“Angel are you alright..,?God please say something” i head him say…He looks scared..and angry..
But why is he angry..?
“Whh…what happened..?” I finally blurt out
“Thank god…Are you alright…?? ”
I simply nod still in shock from the accident…i have never been in an accident before..
We carefully get out of the car..
He keeps a hand on my waist as if he is unsure of me being able to walk and i am glad he did so because i feel a little shaky..
I rest my head on his shoulder as he inspects the car for damages..
The car has hit a tree that is really huge and was unfazed by the accident but i cant say the same about the car..
It looks horrible..
The front part totally damaged..
Thank god for the air bags or else we wouldnt be able to see another day..
He looks up at me..
“We are in the middle of nowhere …what are we gonna do..?” I ask as i start to panic
“Relax angel…you have nothing to worry about…I wont let anything happen to you…we are gonna be okay..”
“We can’t stay here..We need to walk..”
“But where are we going..?”
“I don’t know but we can’t stay here …its starting to get dark ..”
“I will call up someone to pick us up ..” he says walking ahead as i follow suit

He makes a few calls and lets out a frustrated sigh…
“We will have to spend the night here till someone reaches us to help us..” he says
We reach a clearing as he keeps his bag on the ground…
He removes some dupattas and spreads them over the ground
He makes me sit down while he collects twigs and leaves..
He begins to rub 2 stones together and yells a “yes” when he actually lights a fire..
I was amazed..
“When did you learn all this..?” I ask all exited.
“Sports camps..” he answers proudly..
He sits next to me and maintains his distance…
Its quite windy and its starting to get dark too..
I rub my hands over my arms to keep warm.
He smiles at me and puts an arm around my shoulder asking “May I..?”
Such a gentleman
I nod desperately wanting to get warm.
Somehow i and wind are not on the same page..
He puts his arms around my shoulder and i round his waist..
He is so warm..
I look up to look into his eyes…they are so beautiful…..the image of the fire in them add to their beauty..
“Can i ask you something..?”
“What was i doing in your car…I thought i went out for a walk .”
And then he tells me everything…and i laugh…soon he joins too

Then suddenly i realise that i am in the middle of nowhere …with a guy whom i just met…maybe and just maybe started to like too..
“Are you okay..?” He asks me breaking my chain of thoughts..
“Yes…just a little bit tired..”
“You should sleep..dont worry i am there with you…forever..”
He whispers the last part so softly that if it wasnt for the stillness around us i wouldn’t have heard him..
I slowly close my eyes and let sleep take over me .

P.S Ted and Dex are two diffrent people ..please dont get confused..
Angel and Pie are also diffrent..

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  2. Kaza

    I think that angel is dex sister …….am i right???? because in that party girls called dex as Johnny and here angel said to ted tgat she is sister of Johnny and John

    1. thanks a lot .. i really love readers like u..

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  3. nice epi as always
    is 2dy varun kapoors b day? sm f here wishing him so is it true? then i want 2 wish him with all my heart. happy birth day vk. lv u sooo much

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    Loved it… want dex n pie z hot wala romance ?

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    nice…but y dis parallel track along with dex and pie? Are the two pairs relation get intertwined? Or a simple parallel track?

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