Ruhaniyaat (Segment 3)


His point of view-
I am on my way to pick her up from her father’s place..
She is moving in today…
Her college begins in two days and YES..! we did get engaged the other day..just for our parents.
“Hey ..! ” She waves on to me from the porche ..
I get down from the car and pick up her suitcases and place them in the back…i open the door for her and she hops in..
Smiling .!
Oh god..! Ek toh pehle se itni beatiful upar se yeh smile…
“Haaye..! Koi toh rokh lo”

That day in the the reck room something changed..
She looked so small fragie and delicate that i knew deep down i had to protect her..
She had that vannila scent that made me breathe all the air around her..
When i told her to trust me she looks up at me with a pair of most adorable brown eyes..almost like coffee..
A coffee that i would like to drink everyday…
A coffee i want to wake up to..
Today she looks cute in a simple blue dress..and suddenly blue becomes my favourite colour..
She is so small and cute …almost like a baby.

My baby…
Her point of view –
I look up at him as he manuvers the car in the morning traffic .. his musceles bulge out from the tshirt that he is wearing..
I inhale deeply in his aqua scent and close my eyes …and soon sleep takes over..
“We are here pie” he says gently stroking my arm ..and i remember the time he gave me the nick name
It was the day after our engagement and we were sitting in his cabin discussing plans…technically we should have been doing that but we were actually having fun..
He is really fun…he keeps making me laugh every now and then…
“I am going to call you pie henceforth” he declares and gives me a colgate smile and i stare at him unable to understand his point …
“We are best friends.. I love giving my friends cute nick names” he covers up next
Best friend..? When did that happen..?
“So what should i call u …??” I ask

“My friends call me jhonny as in jhonny bravo …u know i have this irresistible charm” he says winking at me..
Well..! Thats true but i cant admit that to him…can I??
So i ended up naming him Dexter..u know Dexter from dexter’s laboratry … because he is always working …
He just works works and works..
my trance is broken as he opens the door on my side and offers his hand to me…
I take it and he leads me to his house…
Okay our house..i will be staying here for a while ..
The next two days days go in huff with me settling down with my stuff and everything…

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