Ruhaniyaat (Segment 29)


His point of view –
As i entered the room my heart broke into a million pieces seeing my Baby..
Pie was sitting on the bed..with redness in her eyes…and a sweaty face ….
She wasnt sobbing anymore but a few tears did manage to slip out from her eyes..
My life …my strength…looked lost …broken….and her condition was breaking my heart slowly.
Inch by inch..

“Bacha..” i said and cupped her cheeks..
Thank fully she dint flinch …which worked magic on my aching heart..
She immideately hugged me close and i embraced her tightly..
I rubbed her back slowlgly trying to put her to sleep…
When she dint speak for sometime…i gently placed her on the bed ..
“Thank you Dex…and i am sorry you had to see my this side”
I instantly went back to her and took her in my arms…
“Baby look at me ” i said gently stroking her cheeks with my knuckles..
She shook her head and i sighed..
“Bacha…look at me please…” …
When i had her full attention i continued..

“Sweetheart never be sorry for who you are..
Trust me when i say this but nothing and i mean nothing matters to me as much as you do…
And when you were screamin….
And i trailed off….not able to explain her the pain in my heart when i saw
her in that condition ..
Gathering up courage i finally continued..
“Everything went black for a moment..i dint know what to do ….you were crying…sobbing…even flinching at my touch..
I was afraid ….afraid to loose you ” ….and with that i hugged her with all my energy…
Her point of view –

I was shocked or surprised i dont know but i knew that i couldnt believe that someone would be scared to loose me…
I was so habbitual to staying alone that i never thought that someone would even stand up for me..
I opened my mouth to say something..but closed it again …not understamding what to say…
“I never thought you would be afraid of loosing me or any person for that matter…
But why..??” I asked hesitantly…
“Why not sweetheart i love you..” he said…
I sighed.. ” love you too dex ” and with that i burried my face in his chest .
Inhaling his calm aqua scent…
He picked me up and took me to his room..
Gently placed me on the bed ..
He laid down beside me..envaloping me in a bear hug…
This is my life now…pure bliss…i need to get out of the strangles of the past and accept happiness… i thought and closed my eyes to sleep.

P.S pardon me for the length but i di t want to add anything with this scene today..

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