Ruhaniyaat (Segment 26)


Her best friends point of view-
She begins to stir after some time..
I halt the car near an eating joint on the highway..
She gets up and looks around…
Startled as she is about to scream …
I scream before her…
I frantically start explaining things to her to which she just stares at me..
“Wo …woo…kya …hai na..” i start..
“Haan bolo …m all ears..” she says encouraging me to speak.
She seems exited…
“Wo maine tumhe kidnap nai kia hai..!” I say hurriedly..
And she bursts out laughing…
“Omg..! I never knew this hot shot criketer ..with so many records and all will be scared of a girl !!” And she continues laughing..

“Do you know me .?” I ask surprised ..totally ignoring her hot comment…
“Obviously you dumbo..!” She exclaims and hits my arm playfully
I watch her in awe as she explains how she saw my matches and instantly became my fan .
“You really think i din’t know the way to the football field that day..?”
“Sachi tumhara kuch nai ho sakta…I have been visiting this college since like forever …and Bhai and Dada have been on the team since ever” she explains..
She had a brother in the football team aur mai kya kya sochra tha…Idiot scolds my inner voice .
“U know Jhonny and John na..? I am their sister” she says proudly..
Oh freak..!
“Acha by the it true that you can alone turn a loosing match to a winning one..? She asks all stary eyed
I blush at her knowledge about me…
“I will be back” i say and rush to call doll..i know only she can help me now..

— phone –
“Hey my tedu wedu is the plan coming up..?? Did you tell her yet ..?”
“Doll she knows me .!”
“What do you mean she knows you..?”
“U know about my game and everything .”
“Well thats good”
“Go tell her you idiot that you love her..I have to go ” she says and hangs up

I return back to the car and find her munching on some snacks..
khate hue koi cute kaise lag sakta hain….
This girl will be the death of me…
“By the way ek bath batao captain” she says
“Captain..?? Abi time hai uske liye..” i start to reason but she cuts me off
“I know but mere liye toh tum hi captain ho…acha by the way.. Hum kaha ja rahe hai..?”
“Uh…oh…. wo …” i stutter again…
Uff get a grip..!
“Acha let me help you…Imagine i am not here okay…just speak…close your eyes..” she says with a smile…
I close my eyes and can see her smiling face…oh gosh..
I can fall in love with that pretty face again and again ..
” We are going for a little picnic to my hometown ” i say and jump back in the car while she squeals in happiness..

P.S again this is ted’s point of view and tabh bhi apko doubts hain toh gladly puch sakte hain…stoneheart happy to help..!

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  1. Samaira

    If u write with 3 person pov.. Will be better.

    1. thanks for commenting

  2. Heltej

    Ted is laksh r8? And actual name of angel?
    Btw awesome chappy

    1. thanks and you can imagine it the way you want

  3. nice as always..

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  4. nice epi as always
    keep writing

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  5. Nice..

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  6. Nice.. loved it.?

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  7. Rekha

    Awesome as always…

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  8. Vyshu10

    nice….dex is jhonny right?

    1. yes

  9. Update next ep today plz
    Actually I wanna what happened at the
    Party I mean when swara’s friends came to know that sanskar aka Johnny aka dex is swara ‘s fiance and the live together

    1. curiosity kills the cat

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