Ruhaniyaat (Segment 24)


Her best friend’s point of view-
As i was walking home from practise the other day i spotted an Angel..
Yes she was indeed an Angel … Those big cat eyes … that smile .. it took my breath away..
She was walking upto college with a car following behind her…

Like who does this..?
When you own a car like this ..why would you even think about walking…
Okay yea i have this weird fascination about machines. They exite me..
Following her was a Honda city car with a chauffer..!
“Bade baap ki beti hai bhai…apne se nai pategi…”said my brain ..
” Cmon dude …aisi ladkia roz roz thodi na milti hai..” said my heart.
” Acha chal tu usse bath kar bhi lega toh bolega kya..aaj tak kisi ladki se bath ki hai.?”
“Does talking to Doll count.?”
“Of course not..!”

My world war was broken by a melodious voice..”Excuse me .. Do you by any chance know where the football field is..? Actually i am new here..”
Ohh.. so she is from the other side..
“Rehne de beta…! Tera luck hi kharab hai..”
“Yes go straight and to the left hand side of the gym is the football field..”
She just smiled and went away..
Okay other side means the “Football team”
We the cricket team and them the foot ball team are at logger heads..
Its like kind of rivalry between us..

I dont know why..?
But its history and we are just following the tradition..
Few days later –
We were by the lockers in the gym when my team mates came upto me explaining about the prank they were going to pull out on a fresher…
Okay now dont get us wrong here we are not some bullies …
But then its what we learnt from our senior players..
I still remember on the first day they gave us a long brief about the honours and traditions of our team..
My thoughts were broken when i saw the guys pointing towards a girl they were going to prank on…
She was …
Oh god no..

They were gonna play prank on her..
“Not her guys.” I told the boys eyes still glued to her..
“Common Big B .. just look at her..she is our best target..”
The guys call me Big B ..not because i am elder to them in age … But in records
Yea i hold quite a few records and thats thr reason of my scholarship to this college..
“I need to do something…I cant let the guys..prank her..But kya…??” I thought…
I know who can help me…yes…

Prank Day-
“Do you think it will work .?” I asked her the hundreth time..
“Of course my Tedu..” replies doll over the phone
I wait patiently outside her house ..
Okay i got to know her address 1 week after fallin for her..
I followed her home..
Yes i did that and No i am not a creep ..

Actually Doll ne jo idea dia tha usko execute karne k liye karna pada..
She as usual walks out and i as per plan follow suit.
As she nears my car i spray chloroform from my window and after a few steps she faints..
Luckily for me her driver isnt following her today..
I put her in the back seat and drive her to my hometown that is just a 4-5 hour drive.

P.S This is Ted’s point of view ..
For the new readers…Ted is Pie’s best friend

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  1. Rekha

    Nice but too short..

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    lil bit confuse lol

    1. kya hua

  3. Vyshu10

    nice….is ted gng to have a big role?

    1. thank u but u need to be patient

  4. Nice,a bit confused who is doll?

    1. doll is pie and ted is her best friend

  5. I m a lil bit confuse
    Where is dex and u writing about another college right
    I think dex will rescue her

    1. no it is the same college.. what is the confusion.?

  6. Heltej

    U writing about ted n his gf r8? M getting confused!

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