Ruhaniyaat (Segment 22)


His point of view-
“Dex..look at me..” she said sofltly and started carresing my hair again..
I looked up only to find warmth in them..
“Do you think i am crazy..? Do you want to leave me..?? I asked terrified with the answer i might get..
Pie cupped my cheek and said..”why are you being scared when you have me in your life..
If you think that this truth has the power to divide us then you are the biggest idiot on this Earth..
Nothing and i mean nothing has the power to divide us..”
Her point of view-
“I have to tell you something else as well..” he said and got up from the bed and stood near the huge glass window
” I have a …” and he trailed off … i wonder after all these months also..he dosent trust me enough to share his secrets with me..
So i decide to get a bit daring and hug him from the back…
My act takes him by surprise..
So that he turns around and hugs me tight..
“You will be there with me na..?” He questions..
“Always my love..always…” i reply and kiss him on the lips lightly..
His point of view-
She then lays her head on my chest and i feel like the strongest …happiest man alive..
her hug gives me the confidence i lack .
“We have a family dinner this week at our house” he says ..
“Hmm..okay..” she says and gazes up to me ..encouraging me to continue..
“And i dont want to attend it..” i say in a go and close my eyes
“Sweetheart..its okay ..its just family..besides i will be there too..We are in this together …okay..?”
“Okay” i reply and hug her back again..

Dinner Day
His point of view-
I saw mom enter alone and make her way to the drinks counter..
My various aunts uncles and cousins followed suit..
Then walked in my dad with his mistress..
Blood boiled in me…he had the audacity to get his mistress to our family dinner..
I saw my mom look up from her drink to his mistress in disgust..
And soon the usual fight began..
I looked from the corner of my eye Pie was busy serving my uncles and aunt and hadn’t noticed the argument between my parents..
I couldn’t let her witness this ugly fight where they lashed out at each other mercilessly..
I looked at her just when she turned to look at me …our eyes met for a brief moment and she walked up to me..
Her point of view-
I looked at Dex and followed his gaze to his parents who were arguing…and then back at Dex …
His jaw tightened as his palms curled up in fists on either side..
Oh no…!
I quickly put the tray down on the center table and walked over to Dex .
I linked my pinky finger with his as we continued to attend guests together..
It was after dinner over desert when Dex parents decided to announce the big thing.
“We are getting divorced” announced both of them in unision…
Dex gripped my hand tighter..almost making me wince in pain..
“But Dad …” he tried to protest ..but his Dad cut him short…
“Tum nai samjhoge..”
“Main nai samjhunga…??? Aap dono kyun nai samjhte ..?? Bachpan se le kar aaj tak ..apne mann ki toh kiya hai…
Kabi socha mere bare mai..?? Nai…
Kyun sochenge …mai toh shayad ek galti hun na…”
” Dex …” i say and keep my hand on his shoulder but he jerks my hand off ..throwing his desert bowl on the ground ..he walks up to his room..
All the guest start to leave one by one..
Just when i hear crashing from his room..
I make my way upstairs when his Dad stops me..
” Beta…can I ask you for something..??” He asks hesitatingly..
“Sure Uncle …ismain puchne ki kya bath hai…”. I say with a smile .
” I know he can get handfull at times and then it gets to difficult to control him..But will you promise me something today..?” He says his eyes filled with hope .
“Sure uncle .”
“Please kabi iska sath mat chodna ..I know the pain of being lonely..and I dont want my son to suffer in the same pain .”
“Okay uncle i promise but…”
And we hear Dex scream in pain and some more crashing..
“I think you should go to him …i will take your leave now..” he says and heads towards the door..
I quickly shut the door behind him and head upstairs to Dex’s room..
The scene there horrifies me..

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  1. Oh wow… What an update.. Lovedddd it.. Can see how emotional Dex is and how much he has to take in.. :).. But m happy that pie is always with him.. Hopefully he will trust her more and confide in her and not hurt her in the next update in his anger… :(.. They are a lovely couple and love them more in ur story… :)… Loving ur updates..

    1. thank u so much..

  2. Tamanna


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  3. Nice chapter.I hope there won’t b any fights among their parents.pie understands her dex more than he have ever expected from her.both had felt lack of love,care,affection n protection in their very young age leading them to b like this, but both r determined with their insecurities due to their parent’s relationship that they will not commit the same mistakes as their parents have done with each other as well as with them.
    Sorry for d long comment.
    Be happy.
    Stay Blessed.

    1. thanks a lot…from regular readers such a big comment is like wow…..u made my day

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  4. nice episode
    but what is a social disorder ????????
    is it a social anxiety disorder ????????
    can anyone plz clear my confusion

    1. i am not a medical student hence i wont go in much detail..its something like the person dosent like a crowd

      1. oh thank u
        actually i am a medical student thats why i was asking it in detail

  5. Mica

    i don’t understand hindi part huhuhuhu poor me

    1. i am extremely sorry ..i will correct it in the next episode

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  8. Vyshu10

    superb….hope he is fine

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  9. Superb dear. Loved it.?

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