Ruhaniyaat (Segment 2)


His point of view-
She seems to be taking in the information i have been giving out to her..
“Okay we can do one thing…we can ask them to give us time to know each other and maybe in that time we can think of a plan ..
But right now we need time..” i told her feeling like James Bond on a mission..
Her point of view-
“I hope the plan works”i say and then he reaches out and holds my hand across the table..
i feel a tingling sensation…and it crawls drown to my toes..
What the hell was that..?

We were sitting in the confrence room of my dad’s office talking…now when i say talking it means Dad was talking and i was listening to him..yea…its mostly that way..
I never really get to say anything…but i am kinda okay with it…its not like i am not confident deciding things but its just that i am scared..! may sound weird but i am scared of the consequences about my decisions..
I tell him about what we had discussed in the cafe yesterday except the plan part and he suddenly he comes up with a weird idea..
He calls him and his father to our office.
Oh God no….!
His point of view-
As soon as i finish my meeting Dad walks up to me and nearly drags me to the parking lot..
“Whats wrong..?” I question but he keeps dragging me along ignoring my question.
Once we are insise the car he tells me that we are going to see her …
See her ..? Oh God..!

Her point of view-
I see him walk into the confrence room behind his Dad..
He looks soooo handsome..!
Okay i may be exagerrating a bit but its okay .. i always loved men in suits but this guy he takes it to whole new level..
He is in a navy blue suit with a cream colour shirt..and ofcourse he looks hot .
But why is he dressed in a suit..?
Isn’t he a college student..?
His point of view-
As i walk in behind Dad … i find her staring at me from head to toe..litreally like checking me out…
Okay i am used to girls checking me out every now and then but when she is doing i can feel myself blush..
She was wearing a black pencil skirt that ended just above her knees with a cream colour blouse..
Her legs were peaking from underneath her skirt and Damn God they were s*xy…
s*xy long legs..
Okay i better stop stairing before i loose it…
I look at her in the eye and …we stare at each other for a minute when Dad clears his throat breaking our moment..
Her point of view-
“Okay..! So i like your get to know each other so ..lets get you engaged and then you guys can move in together ” his dad said
Move in with him??
Okay i am a big time introvert i have stayed in hostels but i don’t like people..basically i am a loner so the idea of us staying together scares me..
I look up at him and he is equally shocked too…

His point of view-
Stay with her..? Like really ??
Wad is Dad thinking..?
Is he trying to set us up..
I mean like cmon i just graduated and she is in her final year…
“Yea..! You can stay in the flat near the campus so its easier for her to go to university besides she is new to the city and she needs someone her age to understand her…” Dad continues…
“We need to talk” we both blurt out at the same time and minutes later i am taking her to the reck room in the office..
Her point of view-
As i sit beside him on a sofa in the reck room I inhale his cologne..
He smells like aqua .. you know like water on the beach..
“Don’t worry its a two bedroom flat we can stay like roomies…
I will sort this out … trust me” he says with his black eyes full of determination…
and i want to believe in him..
I dont know why but i just want to do it..its like my heart is screaming out to do so …

Will he be able to sort it out ..? Or will they land in a bigger mess

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