Ruhaniyaat (Segment 19)


Her point of view-
I felt light lips on my forhead and i knew instantly it was him..
He was not planning to break his shell anytime soon..and it did really hurt to see him so detached..
I decided to take a bold step..
As he was leaving i held his hand..
He looked at me..
“Sorry i din’t mean to wake you up..I am sorry” he said..
Now i am definitely sure something is up with him..
I scooted away from him on the bed..
While patting the empty side I gently said “Come here Dex”
Dex .. as if waiting for an oppertunity hurriedly laid on the bed and hid his face in the crook of my neck..
“I am here for you baby”..I said gently playing with hair..
His point of view-

I looked up to see Pie looking at me lovingly..
I know right now only she can help me.
But what will she think of me..?.
But why not give it a try … i could do anything right now to come out of this shitty feeling..
“I am scared” i said almost whispering..
I was not sure whether i was audible even or not but she had heard me clear..
Because she stooped playing with my hair and slid down to me ..
Turning her face to me..she snuggled to my chest..
I hugged her..the crappy feeling fading away…. replaced by pure bliss
I stroked her back and she cuddeled to me

She hummed in response..
“I want something from you baby ..will you give me ..?”
Her point of view-
I looked at him worriedly..
I traced my knuckles on his cheek and kissed him lightly on the nose..
“Anything Baby” i said still tracing his cheek with my fingers.
“I…i ” he suttered and looked at me
I gave him a reassuring smile and kissed his lips..
“Yes baby”
“I want..” and he trailed off..
I had to do something …so that he would tell me so i climed over him and unbuttoned two of his buttons ..and began kissing him..letting my hands roam on his chest..
God he is hot as a volcano..!

i enquired between the kisses..
“Yes sweety you were saying something”
“Hmmm” he hummed
I let him take charge as he rolled up above me..
Kissing me hungrily yet passionately..
“I want my wish Pie” he said
“Hmm” i assured him to go on..
“I want to feel care…. “and again he trailed off…
I snuggled upto him realising he is going to say more..
I began to rub his biceps encouraging him to proceed..

“I never felt that with mom or dad or anyone…but i want to feel it with you..” he said hesitantly..
I nodded in his chest overwhelmed with emotions…
I was so happy Dex was opening his shell for me..but at the same time sad for the things Dex had faced that had pushed him over the edge..
Into depression…
I felt his hands in my hair aimlessly playing with them..
I finally closed my eyes letting sleep take over me

So what will be Pie’s plan of action now??

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