Ruhaniyaat (Segment 18)

Her point of view-
The ride home was amazing..He never let go of my hand
When we got home he pulled me closer and i rested my head on his chest while we walked up to our apartment..
Once in he declares that he will cook for me…
“Noo..! ” I nearly shout because cooking for Dex is heating Ready to eat packets in the microwave
And i am in no mood to eat once of those..
“I will cook freshen up and come..” i say as i push him out of the kitchen towards his room..

His point of view-
As Pie pushes me out of the kitchen I get the feeling of married couple who have been married for a long time and are living happily and i know instantly what to ask for my wish…
But will she do it..?
“Dex….Dinner is ready baby …” she calls out to me…
Still lost in thoughts i headed towards the dinning table ..
She was humming a tune to a song we heard on the radio on the way back while laying out the dishes ..
I couldnt help but admire her..

She was gorgeous…
Amazing..Just amazing..
The way her hands moved in swift motions…
The way her hair was curled up into a messy bun..
The way..
My thoughts were broken by a hand
A hand..?
Pie was waving her hands in front of me frantically..
“Earth to Dex..Earth to Dex” were the words she kept repeating..
Her point of view –
Its been almost 5 minutes Dex has been just staring at me..
So i went closer to him…

“Dex..” .Silence
I started waving out to him..calling him back to Earth..
What was with him zoning out and all..?
Then suddenly he hugged me..
I hugged him back..

We settled on the table for dinner..
Now i knew better than to ask him questions when Dex was in his shell..
So i just played along..
I knew he would tell me sooner or later..
Maybe he will..or maybe not

His point of view-

I came back to my study to almost run away from her…
Sometimes i feel scared when she can read me like an open book..
So damn scared..
It will soon be my chance for Bucket list but i wanted nothing elaborate.
I wanted just some care…some love..that i have missing out on all these years..
I settled myself on the table as I heard a knock..
I knew it was her..comming in to give my coffee..?
But was i worth all this love..or care..?
I dont know ..
Should i ask her..?
Idiot what will she think of you..?

“I am going to bed..Good Night”
With that she came over and kissed my cheek and left..
I tried to drown myself in work but it dint help..
These shitty crappy feelings..
I decided to call it night and went to her room to check on her..
She lay covered in blanket snoring lightly..
I stood there watching her..
I bent over and kissed her forhead


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