Ruhaniyaat (Segment 16)

Her point of view –
Pie Task – 1
Scare Away a couple
“No Pie …we are not doing this..its scary…”
I make the most dirtiest face i can and walk away..
“Jao muze tumse bath nai karni..”
“But Baby thats not right…disturbing people in their privacy. … what if someone did that to us ..?” He tries to reason with me..
But i am in no mood to listen to him..
“Tume nai ana toh mai khud kar lungi ..” i say and start to walk towards the beach
The beach was the only place where we would find couple engrossed in all that they want to…
” Acha okay … But only after i get my kiss..” says the great Dex
Lately he has been doing that for everything..Its not that i don’t like it but it gets too much at times..
” Okay fine ” i say with irritation clear on my face…
“Kya hua shonu baby..? ” He comes and hugs me from behind..
My heart begins to go wild…actually it goes on beating wild when he comes this near to me …
He sits down under the tree where we had placed our blanket ..and pulls me to his lap..

His point of view –
I dont want to disturb away any couple because I know how irritating it is ..
Kasam se insaan ka khoon karne ka man karta hai..
But Pie ko kon samjhaye ..!
But if she wants to do it then i will do it..
Anything to see that smile on her face ..
It makes her look more beautiful than she already is…
I pulled her on my lap ..snuggling into her i inhaled her vanilla scent…calming me down..
“Dex..” she said placing a palm on my chest and turning to look at me..
“Yes baby..” i cooed in her ears..
“If you dont want to do it …we won’t..” she said with a smile trying to supress her sadness…
” No baby we will do it..but later…right now i want to spend time with you..” i said nuzzling her neck .
The next instant she put both her legs on either side of me facing me..cupping my face in her hands…

Her point of view –
I instantly felt something was wrong with Dex ..He never behaves such in public ..
He is kinda shy …So i cupped his face in my hands and said ” Sweetheart look at me”
“Nai na…Pie baad mai..” he says and goes back to nuzzling my neck..
We sit like for a while wrapped in each others rubbing his chest with one arm while the other resting around his neck..
He looks up at me and i can see sadness clear on his face
“Bubba…what is the matter ..tell me…” I interwine our hands and he finally looks at me..
“I missed you Pie” he says innocently..
“Aww my baby..” and i kiss his cheek and he gives me a cute dimpeled smile….
Actually the past whole week had been hectic for us ..not getting time to spend with each other ..
Dex was busy in meetings as he is been setting up a new factory..
While i have been busy with my assignments and projects ..
We have this sweet habbit to always eat atleast one meal together to catch up but lately in a week it hasn’t been happening..
Suddenly he puts me down and walked to the beach..

His point of view-
She wants to do it so bad and i can read it in her eyes…
So i get up and walk towards a couple who is engrossed in making out..
“ cheated on me..” i say with fake tears in my eyes…
The girl looks up at me shocked but then covers up and walks to me literally throwing herself at me .
“No babe..its always been you..”she says and kisses my cheek..
I watch as the boyfriend looks between me and her in shock…
From the corner of my eye i can see Pie gaping at us open mouthed…
I mentally flip my collar.i know i am the best..!
The girl starts to unbutton me and leans in to kiss me..
The next moment i see her on the ground wincing in pain ..
Pie is standing in front of me her hands balled up in a fist..

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  1. Aww choo chweet of pie n also u dr stone heart.

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    haha…poor girl. Nice ep

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  7. was soooo sweet and cute episode..hw cutely he ask hr fr da kiss nd say i miss u..ohh god am lving dis sankyy and da way she sooth her is jst heavon yaar….i luvd it soo much…such sweet and cute talks btw swasan..cutie sanky and his pie swara..lyk cherry on top of da cake…which makes perfect lyk swasan…

    1. thank u so much divya.. encouragement from u have helped me devlop the story so beautifully sp the credit goes to you .

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