Ruhaniyaat (Segment 151)

Her point of view –
When i got home everything was quiet.
“In here.. shh..” he replies from his study.
“What are you doing here..?”
He was sitting on the couch reading some files

“I wanted to do some work.. but couldn’t do it with the boys in the room.. They are just too cute . They keep me distracted..”
“Really..?” I asked putting my arms around his shoulders and kissing his cheek.
“Yes.. i just need to finish these files and i will be out in a bit..” he says and gets back to his papers.
“I”ll just check on the boys then .”

Her sister’s point of view-
I din’t know that he will get so emotional and ofcourse i din’t want him to cry.
“Babe.. can i talk to you..?”
“Can we take this slow..?”

” I mean i just opened up yesterday and today you proposed .. i mean its good .. its great but i don’t know how ..”
“Hey ..its alright ..we will do it together.. you and me.. one day at a time.”
“Yes…. Yes .one day at a time..” he repeats sitting down and taking pouring himself a glass of water.
“I spoke to Dr.Divyarani about your condition..” i started not sure about how to go on about this topic.
“Hey i am not crazy ..” he snapped clearly annoyed.

“I know ..neither was bhabhijaan…” I said sitting down between his legs placing one hand on his knee..
“Hey.. look at me..” i say placing a hand on his cheek..
“Just talk to her once..please ..”
“Okay.. if it makes you happy..”

“It will really make me happy seeing you back in your own self..”
“Come here..”he says before pulling me up in his lap.
He kisses me on my lips jaws and works his way down to my neck making my skin tingle.
“What i’ll do without you..” he murmurs in my ears before resuming kissing.
His best friend’s point of view –
“Daddy’s home..”i say opening the door and setting my bag down.

I hear the familiar sound of kids running and seconds later i am tackled by 3 kids.
I pick up my princess and the other two cling to my legs.
“Hi love..” i greet my beautiful wife kissing her cheek who was asusual cleaning .
I swear she spends more time cleaning and cooking than she does with me.
But we have three kids so you got to do what you got to do.
“Sweetheart how was the test .?”
He doesn’t reply and looks at his sister and i am sure they had some twin conversation then and there.
I set Titlu down who runs away to play with her dolls in her room.
“What is the matter..?” I ask sitting on the sofa.

“He got F” she whispers after their mom is out of earshot.
He begins to cry and i pick him up shushing him.
“Sweetie can you watch your sister for me please i want to talk to your brother ..huh..?”
“Yes daddy”
I take him to our room upstairs and out in the balcony.
“Do you want to sit down ??”
“No” he sniffs snuggling into me.

“Sweetheart its alright..its just a F.”
“Mommy..” he hiccuped .
Yea their mother is sort of the bad guy and i am sort of the good guy.
“Its okay baby..its just one test..i am sure you can do better next time.”
He just nods with his head still on my shoulder.
“You know big boys don’t cry..” i say trying my best to stop him from crying.

“Really daddy..?” This seems to have spiked his intrest.
“Yea.. But its okay you are not a big boy.. are you..?”
“No no daddy i am a big boy i am 5 years old and i have a baby sister.”
“Yea thats right. So no more crying huh..?”
He dosen’t reply and wipes his face on my side.
“Let get you some dinner and then we can solve the test paper okay..?”

He nods his head and we head down to dinner.
“What happened to him.?” She asks gesturing to the boy in my arms.

“Later..” i mouth and she nods her head .
Few hours later
“So what was it..?” She asks as we get into bed that night.
“Oh nothing .. he just scored a F in his test and he was afraid that you would get angry ”
“Oh no ..i don’t want my baby to be scared of me..”she replies rubing her temples.
“Hey its alright.. somebody has to be strict besides he talks to me man to man”

“Yea .. don’t worry i got it.” I reply and kissing her lips.
“Thanks love..what i”ll do without you..”

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