Ruhaniyaat (Segment 147)

Her best friend’s point of view –
She looked up from the dining table she was setting.
“Oh good … You are awake..i din’t have the heart to wake you looked so cute…. And i was really hungry..” she replied with a smile on her face..
His sister’s point of view –

“I want to confess something”
“You already did last night..” i replied looking at the the plates on the table..suddenly feeling shy.
We had been together before..then why was it any different this time..
I was so lost in thoughts that i din’t realise that he said something..
“Angel..?” He questioned shaking me when i din’t answer..

“Did you say something..?”
“Yes..” he whispered..
“I am sorry i wasn’t paying attention…”
He dropped onto his knees and looked up at me.. His eyes glazed with tears..
Her best friend’s point of view –
“I love you.. i always have and always will.. after everything that happened with my brother i was shattered.. broken.. I din’t realise someone whom i trusted so much would betray me like that..
I looked up to him.. he was someone i looked up to.. But what he did with Doll.. I couldn’t i just couldn’t”
She knealt down beside me taking my hands in her..

“I felt so guilty that i was the reason that Doll had suffered the way she had..
I couldn’t concentrate on anything.. i grew distant from everything.. even from my cricket..”
I looked up at her and she had tear in her eyes..i quickly wiped it off before continuing..
“That day when i came to your house in the night.. it was because it the very first time in my life i had failed at cricket..

It was my safe heaven .. and i had failed it too..
I was so lost i din’t know what i was doing and how i landed up at your place..and when i saw you that night looking as beautiful as ever.. i realised that you were the one i love.. you give me so much peace .. you were the one who could take it all away.. the pain ..the suffering..the self doubt.. you were my angel..”

“I left because i saw the insecurity in your eyes.. you were hesitant to hold me… I knew i had hurt you .that night when you cried yourself to sleep i realised that i had failed you too..”
His sister’s point of view –
After a long pause he continued..

“after this if you wouldn’t want to be with me i will understand ..” he said getting off the ground and wiping his tears ..
“Babe…you think you are a faileure..i think you got it all wrong. You are a hero……” i said walking closer to him as he took a step back..
“You know when i am with you .. it all goes goes away…” He choked
“I know baby.. i know..” i replied holding him close to me..

“Save me angel..please..” he begged..
“I will baby.. i will.. “i held him tighter..allowing him to cry all his sorrow out.
Hasde Zara Sa To Teri Haseen Se Mere Kal Ho Haaseen
Bas Itna Mein Chahun Is Zingagi Se Jyadaa Kuch Nahi

Mein Jo Sang Hoon

Tere Rang Hoon
Rahon Se Teri Chun Loon Mein har
Har Lamha Yun Guzre Ke Gehrata Jaaye Pyaar
Ruk Na Raho Mein Roke Agar Kal Tujhe Parchaiyan
Sang Tere Mein Bhi Hoon Tanha Nahi Hai Teri Tanhaiyan

That day he told me everything .. from him finding out about it after bhabhijaan’s accident to be left out of the team and then be on the training camp in London..
“A crying man is not a sign of a weakness its a sign of a strong man who isn’t afraid of his own tears and even stronger is the man who isn’t afraid for others to see them streaming down his face.”

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