Ruhaniyaat (Segment 145)

His point of view –
“Baby.. “ she called out to me ..
“Yea…in here .. in the bath…”
“There is a problem love… i got to go for a meeting ..”
“Yea but what about the kids..?”
“ I can ask Mom to come … She can watch them till we get back..”
“No…They are our responsibility we have to manage them..” i replied coming out from the bath and heading to the closet where Pie had colour cordinated my clothes..
This is amazing.. !
“Alright if you say so…you take J.J i will take junior..”

“Nope ..we will ask him..”
“Ask him. He is just one ..”
“It dosen’t matter ..he decides…”
Her point of view-
We were having breakfast when Dex asked J.J
“Baby momma and dada have to go to office..whom do you want to go with..?”
He looked at Dex wide eyed but din’t say anything..
“What about you bubba ..?” He turned to junior..
“Dadadaaddadda” he gurgled..

“So thats decided.. i take junior and J.J can go with you..”
“Alrighty ..” i continued to eat my cereal still shocked at my husband decision to ask the boys and ofcourse Junior’s reply..
Did he seriously understand that..?
As soon as we placed the boys in their car seats Junior started to throw the biggest tantrum..
I had to shift behind between them to calm him down ..
“Sweetheart its okay…mumma is here..” i coeed handing him his bottle.
“Bhai…bhai…” J.J too tried calming his brother..
We had almost reached my office and Dex pulled up in the parking lot..
I get Junior out from his seat and cuddle him to me..
“Its alright love… mumma is here…” But he continues to cry..

“Dexy i guess you take J.J i will keep Junior with me…”
Dexy straps J.J and walks over to the driver seat when J.J begins to scream too..
Dex looks at me defeated..
“Okay okay fine … you get to your meeting its getting late..i will wait with them in your cabin..”
“What about your work..?” I enquire..
“ I just have to sign some papers and that can be done anytime .” He explains
His point of view –
I watch Pie as she walks inside a complete diffrent person..
“She is good isn’t she..?” Someone says and i turn around to find bhabhi..
“Hey what are you doing here..?” I question.

“Ohh..about that we are 50-50 percent partner when dad is not taking any decision or attending meeting …we have to be here…both of us..” she explains ..
“Hows J by the way din’t get to see him much of last night..”
“Yea.. his princess was not feeling too well so that kept him occupied..”
“Its so weird seeing him as a family man now you know..”

“Yea it is .. but the kids are his whole world now… ” She says and smiles fondly..
She goes to the confrence room as i settle myself in Pie’s cabin…
To my surprise there is already a collapsible crib for Junior.
I put him down who in it who is already passed out in his car seat posibbly tired from all the crying.
I just hate it when he cries to sleep.
I feel like a awful parent.

His sister’s point of view –
He was still asleep in my room and i was freaking out in the kitchen.
Okay so we are in a relationship..? Or not..?
But he did propose last night.
Yes he did.
But then he behaved so weird when i kissed him in the morning.
Do i make breakfast.?
Do i wake him up .?

What should i do..?
Her best friend point of view –
I watched her come out of the bathroom and go out of the room.
I am sure she sensed my awkwarness in the kiss.

Should i tell her that i don’t remember anything.?
But will it break her heart.?
I seriously don’t remember what the hell i am doing here .
This is going to be a complete mess.

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