Ruhaniyaat (Segment 144)

It was a ritual for Dex….he would spend the day after his arrival at home…
So this morning when i saw both the kids and him bundeled up under a blanket i let them sleep..
Yesterday had been tiring for him and the kids…
I got down to the kitchen to prepare for breakfast
It was a lazy day that means only a heavy breakfast and no lunch…
I thought of making parathas for breakfast and got to work..
Her best friend’s point of view-
She is here… And it was not my imaginations..

She is here ..she is real..
She is here…sleeping next to me…in my arms.
But How…??
What happened last night..??
I remember leaving the party to drive her home..
Maybe i am dreaming..should i touch her and see..??
Nahi yaar she is real..

Nahi…can’t be…
She is my imagination…i had too much to drink last night .. i am still high..
I poked her and she swatted my arm away..
Oops she is here… ACTUAL…ALIVE.. what…??
I looked around and gathered that this is her house…her bed..
I remembered this place from when i last visited it on that rainy night…
I had the worst game of my life … Getting out on a golden duct…
I literally barged into her house that night all drenched from the rain..
She had been so sweet … Cooked specially for me at midnight..
But thats not the point now….
The point was why i was here … And why were we co- sleeping .??

I don’t remember a thing about last night after dropping her home ..
Did we do the deed ..?
I looked under the blanket and fortunately we both were dressed..
So now thats sorted… Phew ..
She stirred beside me and i immediately closed my eyes shut..
How will she react..?
Will she be as shocked as me..???
She turned to me and kissed me on my lips before getting up and heading to the bathroom..
Her behaviour confused me more..what the hell actually happened last night..?
His point of view –
I woke up to a phonecall from work..
“Yes … Hello… Jhonny here”

The guy on the other side asked me about the report..
“Yes i sent it last night..” i answered..
“We have that sir.. would it be possible for you to come and sign some papers today..?”
“But its my holiday ..isnt john or dad available…?”
” I know sir and i am sorry..but its really important”
“Sure will be there in some time ..” i said before hanging up..
I got up and headed for the bathroom not before making sure my kids were safe..
“Good morning babe..” i said walking to Pie in the kitchen..

“Morning love…you are up early…?”
“Yea…office se phone aaya tha…jana hain..kam hai…” I said putting my head on her shoulder..
“Oh..alright…breakfast is almost ready..why don’t you get ready and come “she said getting back to work..
“Why don’t you come with me…i will finish my work and then we can do whatever you want..”
“Whatever i want huh..?” She asked me raising her eyebrow..
“Yyyes what evvver you want..” i very well knew what she meant by that..

“Thats quiet an offer but what about the kids..?”she asked backing up.
“We will take them along too..”
“Are you sure…?”
“Yes…i want to spend time with my J.J and junior..” she smiled in response..
I headed upstairs to our room when i saw J.J awake and trying to get down from the bed by crossing the pillow barriers..
“Ba…” I shut Pie down and hid us both behind the door .
“What are you doing..?” She whisper yelled..

I pointed to the bed where J.J was still busy..
J.J tried his best to push the pillows away but failed everytime…
Frustrated he began to cry.
“I think i should go pick him up..” she said from beside me..
“No stay in here…he needs to learn to be a man..he can’t give up that easily..”
“He is my baby Dex…”
“He is my little one too thats why i am saying stay here..”

Her point of view –
He shushes me out and we began looking at J.J again who is still struggling to get over the pillow..
Then suddenly an idea strikes him and he kicks the pillow with all the strength he has and it rolls down the bed making a noise that suprisingly wakes his brother up…
Junior looks around the room shocked and when he sees no one he beginw to cry..
J.J panicks and tried his best to calm his crying brother.
“Baaiii…sheep..” he said patting junior rather gently..
Junior seemed to be loving the attention from his brother because he soon calms down and snuggles closer to J.J before falling back asleep..
I looked over at Dex to see him starry eyed watching our kids..

” I love you daddy..” i said wrapping my arms around him..
‘i love you too mommy..” he replied leaning into my touch..
I don’t think there is anything that gives us parents more happiness than watching their kids get along so well..

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