Ruhaniyaat (Segment 143)

“Wo i wanted to ask you that….”
“Will you be my girlfriend..?”.
“Please..” he said in the most cutest voice and that was it for me and i flung myself into his arms..
“What is this suppose to mean..?” He questioned confused..

“I guess its true guys with looks have no brain .”
“Hey thats for girls….you know beauty without brains..” he said clearly confused.
“So you mean to say i am not pretty or that i am not smart..?” I said and gave him my best stink eye..
“No no no you are pretty.. no no no you are smart too…urghhh…”
This is honestly so fun..
I am enjoying myself..
He is just so innocent..
Meanwhile at the new house

His point of view –
The babies would be up by 12:30 for their feed and diaper change and it was already 12:15…
I was done with my work and it was time to cuddle with my family..
“Babe… Lets get you to bed..” i said shaking Pie.
She got down from the couch mumbling…
“I want to sleep ..i am tired….nobody lets me sleep in this house ..”
“Yes love we are going to bed..”.
After tucking wonderful wife to bed i went to the kitchen to grab the bottels …
At exactly 12:30 junior woke up and i went to get him…

“Hey little man … How are you doing .?” And he actually smiled in response..
Oh my god… Finally … I got him to smile..
J.J also woke up at the same time..
“Paaa paaa ..” .
“Yes baby ..papa is here.. ” i kissed his head briefly before picking him up and taking them both to Pie..
“Yes love he is bhai…can you give him a kiss..?” I asked J.J and he leaned to kiss his brother. ..
“Hi baby how you doing my bacha…?” She asked junior as she took him from me..

He immediately snuggled to Pie..
“Aww my baby i love u ..”
“Lau oo lau oo” J.J intervened..

“I love u too sweety..”
We both fed the kids and changed them up..
The whole family cuddled under a blanket and my kids were asleepp in no time..
I just love love my family

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