Ruhaniyaat (Segment 142)

Her point of view –
“What was that about .?” I asked him as he handed J.J to me
“Nothing much just giving the boy a chance..”
“Huh..?” .
“I know he loves my princess .. i also know that she is 20 something and that i should allow her to lead her life with whom so ever she wants and how she wants and i am doing just that..”
“Besides if he screws up i will myself beat the shit out of him..”
“Like you can “i mutter but he seems to have heard me..

“What was that .?” .
Nothing baby.. i will put J.J to bed and be back..” and literally walk fast towards J.J’s room..
I am sure i would be dead meat if he would have heard me completely….
Dex and his damn ego…
I put J.J down and quickly check up on Junior before heading down …
Both boys were fast asleep..

His point of view –
I know Pie said as if i can beat the shit out of him but actually speaking i can
Maybe i can’t …
What if he is an athlete i was one too.
I was a strong man still am ..
“Hey bhai..”
“Hi princess how are you ..? Do you like the place..?”
“Yea its really cool… Bhabhi decide on all the decor .. ”
“Hey i got a plan …will you help…?”.

Her point of view –
Everybody had left and i was giving Dex a house tour…
“Babe can i ask you something..?”
“Yea..i know you want to know how we could afford this house right .?”
“You know me too well ” he said smiling
“Soul mates love..”
“Soul mates it is ..”
“So coming back to your question Papa had all this planned when we had Junior and when we decided to adopt J.J he finalised everything..”
“How are we going to pay back..?”

“Thats all sorted…we manage fine with your salary…and mine will henceforth go to repaying Papa..
About the decor its all from our savings … I am sorry i exhausted all our savings…”
“Its alright.. i will work something out for that… I gotta make a report…will you sit with me..?”
“Babe can’t you do it in the morning..i want to sleep..”
“Its a small one . Just for this trip… Its will be easier for everyone to work tomorrow .. and you can chill on the couch..”
“Fine but lets just check on the babies its a new place and i am a bit worried..”
His point of view –
After kissing the boys once more we finally came to my study..

I was amazed to see my files organized the same way as they were at home…
Yea i still called the apartment home .. i guess i need to work on that..
My oldest kid settled herself on the couch and wrapped her body into a blanket..
I typed out my report while she played on her phone…
Girls and their social media..
Meanwhile –
Her best friend’s point of view –
“Want to come up…?” Angel asked as i parked under her building..

“You sure…?” I asked nervously..
I wanted to propose .. yes i very much wanted to do that but .yes… There was also a but involved … I am shit scared…
Talking to mocambo was easier but actually saying it to Angel seemed difficult…
“Hey…what happened..?” She asked shaking me..
I guess i had zoned out..
“Uhhh nothing can i have a chocolate milkshake.?”
“Aren’t you full… ? We just literally came from bhai and bhabhi’s home.”
“Wo nervousness main kaha khaya jata hai..” i replied in a flow
“Nervousness.?? Kyu…?”.

“Nnothinggg… Will you make one…?”.i asked trying my best to change the topic…
“Okay.. okay come on in..”
I followed her up to her house chanting words of encourgement with every step..
‘i can do it’
‘come on dude’
Once the drinks were made milkshakes for me and coffee for her we settled on her couch.

“Wo i wanted to ask you that….”
“Will you be my girlfriend..?”.

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