Ruhaniyaat (Segment 141)

Her point of view –
“I guess we should leave now..” mom says coming over to me…
“So soon…? Stay for a bit ..”
“Maybe next time…look at Dex he is falling asleep..”she says motioning over to Dex who is this close to dosing off on the chair where the group of men sat..
I walk over to him and run a hand through his hair..
“You could go up and sleep…i am here.”
“Its okay ..i am good.. its our house warming party … And i have a report to make too….”
” i am going to put the kids to bed..” i say ..
“Let J.J be here please..”
“But only for some time…he is propably tired babe and so are you..”
“You are our rock mama…what me and my sons do without you..thank you..”
“I love you”
“I love you more ” and i went upstairs to put junior for the night..
His point of view –
I was so happy to meet everyone specially Birdie..its been a long time..
I hope i get to talk to her ..
“Hey can i talk to you…..?” Big – B says..
“Are you sure wanna talk to me..are you not drunk or something..?”
“Ofcourse dude i wanna talk to need to get salty..” he responds and leads us to a balcony sort of but on the ground floor…a patio..
“Oh thats nice…” i said admiring the patio..
“Yea doll said you would like this..” and i gave him a look..
“What..? Its time you accept that i am an important part of her life too..”
“Ya i guess..”
“Anywaya i wanted to talk to you about Angel..” he said and i raised my brow..
Did he really call her that .?
“I want to propose to her to be my girlfried” he says
“Urrgh ..sorry to interrupt but can we sit down this guy needs to sleep..” Big – B shows us over to the swing where we sit down and J.J curls up on my lap..
“Pa..” he says reaching out to me..
“Yes love papa is right here … You can close your eyes and sleep now..” i say shutting his eyes..and kissing his head..
Her best friend’s point of view –
“I’ll just be back with something to drink and will just give you guys a minute..”
“Thanks bro.” He says and goes back to rocking his baby ..
I was a bit skeptical at first when Doll told me about him wanting to adopt J.J..but now that i see them..he adores him so much i don’t think he could you know leave him there…
That boy is too cute to be left alone.
I get to the makeshift bar and grab a drinks for both of us and Angel gives me a look..
Lord knows that to talk to her brother i need some liquid courage ..
“Here you go man..” i hand the glass to him and place mine on the table..
J.J is asleep on his lap his legs hanging from the sides while his face is burried in Jhonny’s chest
His small fist contains Jhonny’s shirt..
“So you were saying..?”
I want to propose..”
“Are you sure..? Birdie is just like my sister and i can’t see her upset..”
“I love her dude..i can’t stand her upset either..”
“So is it a yes then..? Shall i do it..? What about John..?”.
“John is pretty chill pill …i am sure he won’t mind … You go ahead ..make her happy..” he said getting up and heading inside..
I followed suit …
As soon as doll spotted me she gave me a raised eyebrow and i smiled to her .
“Yes .”. I mouthed
The brothers had agreed and now it was my chance to start everything all over again..

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