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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 140)


“This is our new house…?”
“Yes love is..”
“Vai…vai..vaicome pa..” J.J says and that does it a tear slips from my eye…
His very first sentence to me…
And he called me Pa..
I feel so freaking awesome..
I take him from Pie and kiss his face repeatedly as he giggles..
I want to say so many things ..want to convey so many thoughts but i stand rooted to the place speechless…
“Lets go in…” Pie says and taking my hand and bringing us to the hall..
Her point of view –
I arranged for a small get together in our new house..
I wanted to surprise Dex and he clearly is surprised..
He stands rooted on the door looking back and forth between everybody and his name on the door.
“Lets go in…” I say and pull him into the hall with me..
“Do you like it..?”
“I love it baby..thank you so much …. You clearly know how to welcome your man home … Love you..” he says kissing me …
“If you want to get showered and changed then go ahead..” i whisper..
“Will you come with..?” He grins..
“Later…i have guest to attend to..”.
“But what if i can’t find my things..”
“I am sure you can look for them…you are a big boy now…”..
“So i am a big boy now…? Hm….i like it .. but do come .. i might need your help..” he whispers the last part in my ears before kissing the side of my mouth and heading upstairs.
Few minutes later –
“Need ur help” said the text from my hubby dearest
“What do you need ..?”
“Some love..”
“Come down baby..people are waiting for you..” .
“And me for you..”
“I will just be back .. i wonder whats taking Dex so long..” i said excusing myself..
“Bhabhijaan…three kids are hard to handle.” John jokes and i blush red..
“Yea specially when husbands don’t help except for in making them ..” my sister says and winks at me..
“I do help love muffin..” John replies..
I swear he is getting cheesier day by day..
“As if..” and they continue to bicker..
I go up to our room to see my handsome husband shirtless in front of the mirror getting ready..
My goodness his chest is soooo drool worthy…
One moment i am admiring his abs and the next he has me against the wall…
“I missed you so much baby..”
“Well i missed u too.” I say pecking his lips..
I love small pecks they are such a simple way of expressing your love .
They just warm your heart…small pecks here and there…
I always give Dexy small pecks but he dosen’t seem to like them and calls me a tease…as if …he is the one being a tease now…
Shirt hanging loosely on his shoulders…
Those abs ..i know working for them was hard..yea because i had to get up to a cold bed..
He would spend hours in the morning working …
Arrrrggghhh…but the result…i love it..
Few minutes later –
“Bhabhijaan…finally i got you alone.. ..” John says coming into the kitchen..
“Uhh…huh…? What did you do now..?” I ask knowing him well that he messed up with his love muffin..
“Nothing but i know what you did..” he says
“What do you mean ..?” I eye his suspiciously..
“I think your lover boy needs to button up…i can see the love bite .” He says in a whisper and there i go blushing again..
I give him an akward smile and make my way over to Dexy who is finally down and greeting people..
I pull him to the corner and he grins at me ..
“Babe..i thought we decided to let people go and then to get on with our work..” he says .
I shush him and try to button up his shirt but fail miserably as John and Birdie give me weird looks from down the hall..
“Sweetheart i am shy..” Dexy continues..
“Will just shut up and button up your shirt fully..because people can see that..” i say pointing to the red mark near his neck …
“See what love..?”
“That thing over there..”
“What thing..? Where..?”
“Oh god the love bite i gave you … Happy now..?”
“Yes i am .. now people will know that my kitten is a tiger in disguise..” he says..
“Dexy comeon now please…” I give him my puppy dog eyes and he melts..
That thing always works …as he buttons it upto the collar and wears a tie..

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