Ruhaniyaat (Segment 139)

Few months later-
His point of view –
I was returning back from a work trip when i spotted Pie and my babies at the airport waiting for me ..
“Welcome home daddy..” was the sign attached to junior’s pram..
Pie was holding J.J who was too eager to jump out of her hands and reach upto me..
“Thank you so much for this wonderful surprise..” i say kissing her cheeks..
To be honest my mood was kind of off ..i was going away from my kids for the first time but Pie..i am so lucky to have her…she surely knew how to welcome a man home..
I take J.J from her who sighs in satisfaction before burying his head in my shoulder and wrapping his arms around me…
I love my family..
We grab my luggage and get into the car driving homewards..
I sit in the back of the car with my sons because J.J won’t let go of me while Pie drives and takes a very unfamiliar road ..
“Baby where are we going..?” I ask her but she just look at me in the rearview mirror and smiles..
“You’ll see love “..
I let her drive us on an unfamiliar road to an unfamiliar house ….
The driver salutes her and she smiles at him..
She gets down and comes over to the back to grab junior..
“Love..?” I question….
“Come on bub ..time to wake up..” she says waking up junior who gives her his biggest smile upon getting up.
“Thats like my baby..” she coos and picks him up also motioning me to get down with J.J who is also very happy.
What is happening here..?.
We walk towards the door when i spot my name on it…
“Surprise..” everybody yells and i look at the now open door to see mom … John bhabhi.. kids .. birdie and that idiot Big – B ..
I look at Pie for explanation when she hands me the keys.
“Welcome to our new home love ”
I look at everybody then to Pie and then to the keys in my hand and my brain starts to work again..
“This is our new house…?”
“Yes love is..”

Happy Diwali..!


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  1. Awesome..
    Their new home?
    Happy Diwali dear ??
    Thank you for updating 2 epis as Diwali gift??

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