Ruhaniyaat (Segment 138)

His point of view –
I had just gotten home from office and the house was eerily quite.
Had Pie gone somewhere .? Where are my boys..?
I checked our room .. boys room and there was no one ..
I dialled mom ..maybe she had gone to see her..
“Hello..” she said soon after picking up..

“Is Pie there..?…she isnt home ..”
“I met her in the morning ..then..i don’t know..” she said…
“Alright then…”i said and hung up..
My phone buzzed with a message from Pie which read as …”out with the boys…will be back soon..”
“But where are you…?”
“With Papa …busy…ghar aa kar bath karenge…”
I took a shower and prepared for the dinner…
I know Pie would have gone crazy with both the boys the whole day and she would too tired to cook..

Her point of view –
I smelled good food as i neared the house and parked on the driveway..
Both the boys were asleep at the back in their seat..
“Help me carry our monekeys in..” i texted Dex and minutes la,ter Dex came to the car with a big smile on his face …
“Hey baby..” he greeted kissing me on the lips.

“Where have you been..?”
“Just had some work to do..” i said before pulling Junior out of his car seat while Dexy got J.J.
His point of view –
I was happy to have my family back home…I just loved it when i came home from work and my babies snuggled me with hugs .
Junior couldn’t do much but Pie and J.J would both give me hugs whenever i come home.
“Did they eat…?”
“Junior did but J.J needs to be fed ..he only had a roti at mom’s place.”

Her point of view-
“Should i wake him up..?” He asked hopeful..

Nowadays he is getting home late and by the time he gets home the boys are asleep..
“Yea .. but be gentle…don’t startle him..,” i said and took junior to the room the boys shared .
We were not prepared for J.J so it was a bit difficult as they had to share a room..
Whenever one cried it usually woke the other one up…
I set junior in his crib as i make arrangements for him to sleep..which included his pyjamas..a clean diaper and some cream..
After he was all clean and changed i rocked him to sleep..
Laying him down i went down to check on J.J..

Dexy boo was feeding J.J. who sat in his chair dosing…Dexy would shake him and then he would take a bite and then sleep again …
This exercise was not doing any good as he kept removing out food from his mouth and making a mess of his clothes..
“Its okay babe . I got this…can you please finish the food for me…” I told Dex who was struggling with trying to keep the poor baby awake…
I prepared J.J a bottle and took him upstairs …

Cleant and changed baby num 2…
“Dinner is ready babe .” Dex messaged and i took J.J down with me to feed him…
His point of view –
We had started this texting thing to communicate with each othe because we had to be quiet..very quiet…
Babies are allergic to noise and mine were over allergic..
So we found out this cute way…its almost like writting love notes to each other.
She came down with J.J who was now dressed in a cute pyjamas..
She laid him down on her lap and fed him his bottle while i dished out food for us..
Ring Ring Ring
Her phone rang with a call from Big B .

“Hi dolly..” he greeted a little too exited
“Hey Teddu..”
Now why did they have to talk like that ..?
“Tumara mocambo..” he said and that when she looked at me..
“Teddy will call you later..” she said and hung up immidiately..

Did he just call me mocambo..,?
Pie looked nervously at me and then we both burst out laughing ….

Her point of view –
After dinner Dexy put J.J to bed and checked up on junior..
I cleant the kitchen and joined him on the bed..
Birdie and Captain called to inform that everything was going great with them and that they had finally spoken to each other and cleared out their diffrences..

I was so happy for all the progress Teddy was making in his life…
Dexy boo and tedu had their usual playful banter before finally hung up and retired for the day in each other’s embrance

Howdy guys..!.
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Disclaimer –
This is just for interacting with you guys and no i am not abandoning my story…

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