Ruhaniyaat (Segment 135)

His point of view –
My phone vibrated in my pocket for the second time..
Who is it that wants to get in touch with me so desperately..?
I was in a meeting with an important client when my P.A came rushing in.
“Sir can i take a minute..?”
“What is it..?” I hissed clearly annoyed..
First the vibrating phone then her barging in like this.
“Sir mam wants to get in touch with you..she on the line in your office..” she said making my anger change to worry..
“Hello..” i spoke into the phone
“Thank god i could get through to you..” the other person said..
“Si was suppose to come over after Junior’s check up but her phone is switched off..besides i called up your house and she wasn’t there too..”she said worriedly ..
“Don’t worry bhabhi..i will look into it and call you right back..if ..if she comes over ask her to call me..”
I called up the hospital hoping to find her there but she wasn’t there too..
I walked back to the confrence room and told the clients about what had happened..
Luckily they were understanding and we were able to reschedule the meeting..
On our way home we called up Papa and Dad but they also had no idea where Pie was.
Where are you love..?
“I’ll drive down to hospital maybe we can find her on the way..” John suggested..
“I’ll come with you..”
“Naah…you stay at home and keep calling..”
“Babe..stop panicking…calm down..go and get the twins from school..we will figure something out..” he told his wife who sat down and drank a glass of water before walking out..
Papa and Dad arrived soon after they had left..
“Where is she..?” Dad asked..
“I don’t know..”
“What do you mean you don’t know..” he yelled..
“Calm down she will be alright..” Papa explained.
I don’t know i just can’t keep calm..
Babe come back to me ..

His best friend’s point of view –
Its not likely of bhabhi to disappear like that , something must be really wrong..
I start to drive to the hospital and on the way i find bhabhijaan’s car..
I quickly pull over and head to the car..
I knock on the window and bhabhijaan pulls the glass down..
Relief washes over her face and she gets out of the car immediately..
She hugs me and starts to sob uncontrollably..
“Hey hey hey…i am here..stop crying..” i say rubbing her back..
“That ..that car .. he cut me and the kids…the kids were inside…”
“Bhabhi..bhabhi look at me… You are okay ..the kids are fine ..we are going home..bhai is worried.okay .?.”
She just nodded in return..
I transfered the kids to my car and made bhabhi sit in the front..
I texted Jhonny that bhabhi and the kids were fine and that we were coming home..
His point of view –
As soon as i heard the honk i rushed out to our driveway..
John had gotten my family home..
I don’t know if i can ever repay his favours..first of giving me a piece of mind at our sepration and now getting her back..
He stopped the car in front of me and i opened the door for my wife to come out ..
She came out and went straight into the house.
“Go check on her..she needs you .” John said as i was getting my sons out of the backseat.
“What happened..?”
“I think they were in a accident .” He explained
Pie feared accidents..she would go into a panic state whenever she saw one.
“Thank you bhai..” i said hugging John ..
“Ewww abh kiss bhi karega kya..?..chiii ganda..”
You can never have a dull moment when John is around..
J.J had woken up and was observing his surroundings carefully ..
“Hi baby .” I cooed to him as he stretched his arms out wanting to be picked up..
I picked him up while John picked up his brother..
“Dada..” his kids greeted him as soon as he came in..
“Daaa” tried J.J
“Did you hear that Papa..?”
“Yes i did..can you say dadu..?”
“Daa” he said again..
“Baby try nanu..” Dad piped in..
“Nana..” he squealed..
“Yessss he did it .” Dad said taking an exited J.J from me ..
“I will go check on her .” I said excusing myself and heading to our room.
Pie was lying on the bed her eyes close..
“Love..” i called out to her and a tear slipped from her eyes in response..
“Hey..what happened baby..?” I asked lying down beside her ..
“I was driving slow because i was taking the kids for the first time..”
“On the highway this overtook me .. i almost lost control..and ..”.
“Yes baby m listening tell me..”
“And i almost was going to be hit by a truck.”she said burying her head further in my shoulder .
“Nothing happened shona …look your at home ..the kids are okay ..”
“Yea but had i been more vigilant..”
“Sweetheart it alright…it was not your fault ..calm down.” I said rubbing her back to calm her down.
“Mom..”she hiccuped..
“Yes baby..m listening..”
“Mom died in an accident ” she said and started to cry uncontrollably..
“Hey … Look at me .. i got you babe..its alright..” i said hugging her..
She cried for some more time while i tried my best to control my emotions..
I just can’t stand it when she cries ..its like my heart breaks into million pieces everytime she cries..
She finally quietened down and i gave her a glass of water..
Her point of view –
Sometimes a hug works as just sticks back your broken pieces together..
“I love you Dex and i am so lucky to have you as a husband and father of my childern..” i told him and blust crept on his face..
“Love you too.” He mumbled.
“Are you blushing Dex..?”
“Ughh no..why should i blush..?”
“Acha ..?” I said and was about to jump on him when i heard my sons cry..
I guess the job of mother dosen’t come with breaks.
Thank you so much prashant 7 for your comments .. this chapter is dedicated to you .
I just can’t express in words how happy i am knowing that u read my 134 segments..
Big hugs and thanks .

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