Ruhaniyaat (Segment 131)


Her point of view –
The bhramin bhoj had gone well and they had blessed all of us including the kids..
Junior has a slight fever because of his vaccine yesterday..
Mom and my sister were pretty chill about it so i guess its normal for babies to have a fever after the vaccines..
Ofcourse you have to give them credit for their experience.
It was evening and we all were sitting in the garden and just hanging around..
The twins were running titli following them as usual..
Ma and Papa had gone to meet everybody in the ashram and our Romeo Juliet were just being themsleves.
My son was asleep in his pram and his father was being his usual self…moody and grumpy.
Its like he finds reasons to be moody or grumpy.

“Okay guys stop running around and come here.” John said as he began to pick titli from the ground..
“But dada we want to play.” They whine
“Yes love we will play inside its getting dark in here..”explains their mother..
“Okay we play inside.” And with that they were gone..
We were all headed inside when Dex gets a call.
“I will just be back..” he says and walks back outside.
John was serving the twins snacks while their mother was trying to tame their baby sister who was too upset to be brought inside..

“Yes love.”
“You know we saw this cute little baby..” Princess says exitedly..
John stops serving them and looks at me.
“What baby love .?”
“Finish your food first and then we can talk..” he scolds
“One minute..”
“Si..its okay we can talk later.” Defends their mother.
“Yes bhabhi..” john agress with her
“Is anyone going to tell me what baby is this..?”

“Wo…wo bhabhi.”
“Koi nai they are just reffering to junior..”
I look at the twins and they look confused exchanging glances with each other..
Its apparent that everyone knows about that baby except me..
“Is someone going to tell me..?”
“Wo Jhonny ”
His best friend’s point of view –
“Wo bhabhijaan..Jhonny ko ashram main ek baby mila tha and..

“..he wants to adopt him..” i say and bhabhi looks at me shocked..
“You knew about this..?” I question my sister.
She picks up junior and heads upstairs who starts to cry on being disturbed in his sleep..
Jhonny is screwed..I have never seen Bhabhi this upset..
— an hour later —
“Hey.. where are my babies..?” Jhonny questions coming back inside..
My wife gives him the stink eye while i pat his back..
“What..? You are scaring me now .”

“Bhabhijaan knows about the baby..” i confess.
His point of view-
“Yes the kids told her ..” he reasons and i look at the kids who are ready to break into tears..
“Hey Hey guys..its alright baby..lion will make it all better..” i say hugging them both.
Bhabhi continues to stare at me and i do feel intimidated by her stare..
“Abh tu jayega..?” John probes and thats when i start to head upstairs..
But to my misery the door is locked from inside..
How can i forget Pie tends to lock doors when she is pissed and i end up on the couch or in the study room..

“ we have the keys..? I question John..
“Hone toh chaiye shayad maa kay pas honge..”
“But maa aur papa toh ghumne gaye hai..its their monthessary..he will kill us if we disturb them.”
Yes my father is weird that way celebrating monthly anniversaries like teenagers..
“I guess aaj couch par so jata hun..subh tak uska gussa shant ho jaega..”
“Come on zizu are better than this..”
“Maybe .. but what do i do….?”

“Wahi jo last time kia tha..?”
“Oho kya bath hain..” John teases and she blushes profusely burying her face in his shoulder..
“Bhai help karega..?” I question John because at time like these you seriously need your bestfriend..
“Nope…your mess you sort it out..” he says and walks away..
i know he is angry too..He dosen’t like it when i upset Pie..
“Bhabhi please..” i try and pull out the best puppy dog face and she sighs..

“Just because i don’t like to see her so upset”
She helps me climb up through the pipe only problem being these are those old kind of houses where the ceileings are higher thus making it even more higher that it is to reach the first floor..
But i am so sure that today is not my day..
The window is closed too and its a bad bad sign..

“Bhabhi..get me the screwdriver please..” i request her and she looks at me weirdly..
“Bhabhi car main hoga..” i say and toss her the keys and suprisingly she takes a catch..
Its a good catch i must say..
The skills you devlop living with naughty toddlers..
“Here ” she says and i get back down to get it..
When i finally manage to climb in i open the door from inside and hand bhabhi the screwdriver.
“She okay..?”
“Don’t worry..i am there..”
“Zizu please don’t hurt her..she deserves to stay happy..” she says
“Yea trust me i won’t ”
“I do..” and she walks away..

This is going to be long long night..

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    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u and congrats for result

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    Awesome dear… Continue soon

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    what happened di u posted so late …
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  10. Awesome
    what happened di u posted so late …
    post jaldi karna di…

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    Nice. Loved it! Pragya, I wanted to ask you something! Hmmm what about a summary of this memorable ff? I just got this thought today! Anyway continue soon! Thnk u.. ;-*

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