Ruhaniyaat (Segment 13)


His point of view –
I felt a strange feeling when we got home yesterday…
She was caring …loving ..and everything …but i dint know if i could deal with it ..
I was scared
Shit scared

What if landed like up Dad and Mom..
I won’t be able to bear it…
So it was best i maintain my distance with her…
But i couldn’t do that either…..the distance was eating me up…
I hadn’t taken my medicine since she came…lightening my life …
But now i guess my medicines and my work would be my world ..
She deserved better than me…
Her point of view –
I got home late on Monday Evening..
9 to be precise..

Turning the key in the lock i walked in..
“Dex” i called out to him..
Maybe he wasn’t home yet…He usually went to office on monday to assign people their jobs for the week..
I proceeded towards my room when i heard soft shifting in the balcony..
Slumped in the corner …his back against the wall ..he was stairing in space..
My gut feeling said…something had happened..something bad…
The only acknowledgement he gave me was a slight movement of his head..
I slowly approached him …I spotted a bottle of vodka and an untouched glass beside him..
“Do you want to stay alone Dex..?” I questioned…
He just looked at me and looked away..
I got up to leave when he pulled my hand and i landed op his lap..
He burried his face in my neck and began to sob..
I held on to him as he cried rubbing his chest to calm him down…
His breath is laboured, like he had run many miles just now. He isn’t his usual self. Right now he’s a different Dex.
He is clinging to me like a person who is in need of someone by his side. I slowly put my hand on his back and his grip tightened like his life depends on it.
“I am sleepy baby…” he declared and again buried his face in my neck
“I think we should get you to bed”
He lifted me up and placed me on the bed in his room …
Next moment he was cuddling on to me…
“ m sleepy…” he said nuzzling against my neck…

A minute later he is already asleep..
I try to wriggle out of his grasp but it only makes him groan and tighten his grip on me…
Defeated .. i lie back down and try to sleep..
In a few hours when he has turned over i slip and get out of bed but a strip of medicine catches my eye..
I flip over it but find nothing except the name…
He starts to search for my presence on the bed …i quickly get in beside him not wanting to disturb his sleep..
“Pie” he murmurs in his sleep and i look at him..
“Pie..pie pie” he keeps murmuring turning his head over and over again..
“Dex…its okay sweety i am here .” I coo in his ear rubbing his back..
He turns towards me pulls me towads himself and falls asleep again..
His point of view-
Next day
I wake to a very familiar smell..
I look around for the source of it and found pie curled up in my arms
What is she doing here..?
Am i dreaming..?
I rub my eyes and look back at her…she is alseep..comfortably that too
What the hell happened last night..?
I am not an emotional type of guy but why did i break down yesterday..?
I have my pills for them..

Yesterday i had visited doc after class..
He had been calling me for a while now but i had been ignoring his calls..
Pie and her thoughts were keeping me happy.
I looked back at her sleeping form and the sudden urge to kiss her came back to me..
I turned over caging her between my hands …
I lean in to peck her lips…she smiles in her sleeps and turns over ..
I quickly grab her from behind and trail kisses along her neck..
“Good morning sweetheart..wakey wakey baby.” I whisper in her ears..
She giggles and burries herself in my chest with a shy smile..
I engulf her in my arms feeling content and we lie there for what seems like ever..
I get down from the bed and walk over to the bathroom leaving her asleep on my bed..

P.S does anybody know what happened to Neha on my 11 th segment..she seemed to be very offended by me or my writting i am not sure…

In case someone knows the reason please let me know so that i can make ammends and not upset her further..
Thank u

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  1. Vyshu10

    Superb….and what neha said is abt ragsan fan i guess…who has been bashing many swasan writers

    1. Ya actually thanks for understanding me n sorry fr the inconvenience

      1. thanks a lot mera misunderstanding clear karne k liye n m really sorry ita confusion create kia..

  2. Tamanna

    Wow… Nice

    1. thank u

  3. Nice;as always

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    1. ragsan commented somthing bad on ur ff..den he/she deleted it..i think neha wrote dat to him/ i am nt sure about it..

      1. Ya thanks fr understanding me

      2. actually wo comment muze dikha hi nai jab maine khola toh confuse ho gayi

  4. Awesome

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  6. Awsum epic di I like ur writing pls dont get confused that comment was for a ragsan fan who had commented something bad abut ur writing so I wasn’t offended by ur ff in fact I like this ff a lot

    1. I guess ragsan deleted her comment ..
      I’m really feeling guilty I’m really so sorry 🙁

    2. thank u so kuch neha for looking out for me and i am extremely sorry that i doubted you without knowin ur true intentions ..actually wo comment delete hua hai so i got completely confused

  7. Soujanya


    1. thanks

  8. Hey surely would like to connect on fb bt can’t update my details here?

    Btw episode was nice bt you have to think, how cn we get connected ok? Nd thanks for asking this! M vary much happy… See ?? huuuuuuuge smile ????

    1. look for pragya mathur on fb..
      m happy too

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