Ruhaniyaat (Segment 125)

Few months later –
His point of view-
It was late at night when my phone rang..
I normally work in the study but today i was in the bedroom.
Pie was asleep beside me and dare she wakes up for a phone ring..Never.
She is one heavy sleeper that can sleep even if a plane takes off beside her..
But my son he is a like a cat..a slight noise and he will be up.
I look at my phone to see mom calling..

This late in the night..?
Hope everything is alright..
I pick my son who is just about to let out a loud cry and receive the call walking out of the room..
“Is everything all right..?” I question
“Yea actually i wanted to talk to you .” She said.
“This late..?” I questioned surprised.

“Ofcourse i know you would be up now..”
“Yea i was just working..” i say rocking my son..
“You work too much need to rest ” she explains.
“Yea maa…its just that in the day i like to spend time with them.” I say..
“Like son …you know when you were born he was so happy that he always had this grin on his face..
He would tell everyone about you..” she says laughing remembering the old days.
“And i thought he never loved me..” i said sighing.
My son had long gone to sleep..

“Beta he has always loved you.”
“Yea i know..” i murmered.
“Anyways i called to tell you that maine mannat mangi sabke liye and now when titli is both are married..and junior is here..i think its complete now.
So i want you all to go and do the pooja at our ancestral temple.”
“Ji mom… Kab jana hain..?” I enquired..
“Beta kal nikalna hai padso ka mahurat acha hain”
“Ji maa..” i say and yawn.

“Beta its almost should sleep..” she says.
“Good night mom.” I say before hanging up.
Coming back into the room i lower the air conditioner and place Junior next to Dex..
As soon as i put him down she pulls him in the blanket and i spoon her from behind.
This is a picture perfect moment…
The next morning –
Her point of view –

Tring … Tring.
The alarm goes off and i groan ..
Quickly shutting it off before my kids get up i head to the kitchen to cook breakfast.
Dex walks in minutes later eyes still closed.
“Babe we gotta go to the temple and do the ka phone aya tha..” he says coming over to me and hugging me..
“ get ready ..i will manage the rest.”

He goes back to the room saying that he is going for a bath..
Minutes later when i walk in i find him asleep.
I know he was up last night so i take junior downstairs to feed him his breakfast.
“Dex..we are running late bacha.” I call out to him before taking junior for his bath.
I dress up junior before going to wake up Dex again..
“Love..” i say kissing his cheek.
“Hm.” .

“Its 8 bubba ..we are getting late..get up please.”
“Two minutes.”
“ up before i come out from the bath.”
“Give me also a bath..” he whines.

“Yea chalo..” i say before getting into the bathroom
When he dosen’t appear even after few minutes i call out to him.
“Patidev ji chaliye..”
He walks in his eyes still closed..
“Aaaaaaah..” he screams when i pour cold water on him.
“What the hell was that..?” .

” Sorry bubba but ghee jab sidhi ungli se na nikle toh ungli tedi karni padti hai.” I answer gigling.
“Haan.” I answer giggling ..
I know i am going to be dead meat..if not now then later but surely dead meat..

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  1. hi today I read very part of ur ff..amazing ..commenting for the first tim from now I will regularly comment

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much.. m glad u read and commented.

  2. Finally i m yhe first commenter …. yeeepeiii
    dex u won our heart
    u won as a father .
    as a husband
    as a son
    overall as a family man .
    mai ab kya kahu .. ye episode amazing tha .
    Can u give every commenter a title/name..
    as u know every commenter very well
    di i m saying cuz it will make happy everyone in a way that how much u know them i mean us ..
    Last thing to say u made my day as always..

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u dear but main samjhi nai tum kya kehre ho..give name..?

      1. i wanna say that give us titles based on our comments or our conversation with u ..

      2. Stoneheart

        Okay i will try my best

  3. Phoniex

    Cute ?

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  5. Rekha

    Fabulous……… Lovely……..??
    Waiting for next…….

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        Most welcome

  6. Shiksha

    Wonderful….is she John’s mother, But if she is Dex new mother how would she know about his childhood..anyway the epi was awesome…
    Now Dex n John became a complete family man.. Now the remaining one is Ted..
    It’s true that, one marriage links so many lives also..
    You are an amazing writer dr….
    Keep it up..

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much dear..i will recommend u to plz read the truth about Dex new mom again.
      She was his first lover

      1. Shiksha

        Thanks dr


  8. Seebu_s

    loved it

  9. Just adorable pragyaa ?
    I wanna say that the story looks soo nature as if it is happening around us ?
    I loved the way dex was handling junior ? and that heavysleep vala example on pie ????
    These are very cute moments that am waiting for? and see u updated???
    Thanku pragya for this episode?

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank you dear

  10. Simi

    Lovely update… They r too adorable ?

    1. Thanks

  11. Sus

    so lovly dex you rocked it man

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    haha…they r so adorable

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