Ruhaniyaat (Segment 124)

“Hey bubba..” he greets the baby and hands him over to me.
“Hi love..bua is here see” i half expect him to reply but i know he can’t ..he is a baby.
“Would like to feed him..?” He asked handing me a bottle..
“Sure..” i said all exited to feed my cutest nephew.
“Here hold him from here “he said gesturing his neck….and let him lie down on your legs..” he said adjusting junior..
“Hi..when did you come..?” Said Bhabhijaan coming into the room.
She looked rested.
I am so proud of my brother..
“Good morning baby..did you sleep well..?” Asked Bhai going over to her and getting her to the couch.
“Hmm” she hummed settling down on the couch.
I handed her Junior and he smiled at his mother..
“Its okay he is momma’s boy..he only smiles to her..” Bhai explained.

Bhabhijaan only smiled but din’t say anything.
“I thought you came here to talk.” Bhai reminded me handing Bhabhijaan her hot chocolate.
“Not now…later..” she said yawning.
“Love its hot are supposed to drink it hot.”
“Okay..” she said defeated..

Even she knows arguing with bhai is not going to get her anywhere..
“I want to talk to you..” i said remembering the reason i was here..
“Yea she wants to speak to you…” Bhai said now taking Junior from her so she could drink her hot chocolate..
“Haan toh muze utha dete na..”
“Nai..bhai ne bataya that you were up all night with Junior..” i defended bhai …
“I got my acceptance letter from Royal Dance Academy” i informed them.
“Woow thats so cool..” bhabhi squealed and got up to hug me..
Baby din’t like the noise and he began to wail loudly..
She took him from Bhai and rocked him gently.
“You are okay..we are here…” She cooed to him..
I smiled as she said ‘we’ always involving Bhai when it comes to Junior ..
Will we ever be like this.
Me and captain..
“So what’s the problem.?” Bhai asked
“I am confused..should i go or not..?”
“I don’t see any reason why you should not go..” said Bhai getting aggressive.
“Things between me and captain..” i said but bhai beat me to it..
“That guy is not good for you ..he is a mess” he yelled..
“Dex take Junior inside..he needs to sleep.” Bhabhi said.
“Baby here she leaving her dream for him and he dosen’t care at all..what a douche..”
“Dexy i said take Junior inside.” Bhabhi said and Bhai supprisingly got up and went in with Junior..
“I am sorry about what he know how he his..” said Bhabhi now coming to sit beside me..
“Yea i know..its okay i understand that he cares for me..”
“So whats the matter..? Why don’t you want to go..?”
I told her everything that happened the other night when he came home and him crying..
She gasped when he heard about him crying.
“I think you should go to London ” she said after a while..
“But ..”
“Trust me both need this break..”
“Yea i guess you are right..”
“Besides he will be here only but you may not get this chance again..” she explained.
“When you put it this way..i think i should go..” i said.

We chatted for some more before i finally decided to go home..
“Bhabhi i will leave now..” i said .
“Okay but say bye to Dexy otherwise he will brood the whole day..”
I agreed and followed her to their bedroom..
The most cutest scene unfolded as soon as bhabhi opened the door to their room.
Bhai was asleep on the bed and on him lied my cutie asleep too..
Bhai had one hand over him to keep him from rolling over..

Bhabhi tiptoed in and covered them with blanket..
Kissing them each on the head she came out..
“That was like the cutest sight ever..”
“Thank you ” she said smiling at my compliment.
“All the best .” She said when i had finally gotten into the car..
“Thank you..i shall see you soon..” i said waving at her before driving off..

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  2. awwww❤ pragyaa it is very cute and adorable update?
    ufff i cant get over this episode
    and that last scene dex and junior? i can imagine that scene how beautiful it is?
    Thanku pragyaa for giving such heart touched episode?❤?

  3. Neptune

    wow yaar it was soooooooooooooo cute i am loving it am waiting to read further update soon dear….

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks dear

  4. So cuteeeeeeee!!!!
    Dex junior … u r such a sweetie
    dexy u proved to be a great father
    u completed ur promise
    while reading this entire epi it was like i was watching it live
    it was like all this was happening in front of my eyes ..
    u made my day.

  5. Simin

    Awwwww thats really nice
    Sometimes its good to be a bit selfish n think about ourselves
    Post soon
    Love u…….???????

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    Lovely update ?

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    wow… I so liked it hearty…. new nickname for u.. HEARTY. .. coz your words always reach to my heart…

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