Ruhaniyaat (Segment 123)

His sister’s point of view-
I stare at my acceptance letter from Royal Dance Academy in London.
Its 2 year course of various kinds of dance forms.
Is it the best time to go now..?
With everything happening between me and Captain ..i am not so sure.
After our last encounter i am more confused than ever.Should i stay back here to give our relationship a new life or go follow my dreams..
He had passed out on my Bed and i laid down beside him.

Why did it feel so diffrent now..?
Ofcourse we had done this earlier..
But his behaviour had left me in confusion..
Should i go back to him..?
Is there any point of this relation when he couldn’t even trust me enough to tell me what’s wrong..
Why can’t i be his confidante..?
He stirred and laid his head on me.

Why are we cuddling .?
I could feel something wet on the chest..
Is he crying .?
His behaviour is leaving me confused more than ever..
Sometimes he gives me signals like he likes me and when i act upon it he pulls back.
Other times when i am pulled back then he shows up at my house unannounced.
“I am sorry..”
“Tell me what happened..? I am here for you..?” I tried encouraging him to speak
The whole night passed with him saying sorry again and again and me questioning him what was wrong..

Things went more haywire in the morning when he was gone before i even woke up..
I haven’t heard from him since that morning which has left me in more confusion than i was in before..
I think Bhabhijaan can solve my confusion .
She always has the best advice and she knows him too well..
And yea i can meet my baby too..
He is sho cute..
I drove down to their house and suprisingly Bhai opened the door.

“Why are you home..?”
“Because this is my house..” he said teasingly.
“Don’t you have a company to run..?”
“So i have a family to run too..”
And i can’t help but admire my brother and his dedication towards his family.
Actually both of them Dada accepting the twins is commendable too..
“Where is bhabhijaan…? I want to talk to her..”
“She is sleeping .. she was up all night with Junior…He dosen’t feel too good..” he says ..worry clear in his eyes..

“I wanted to talk to her ” i say sighing
“Good you can talk to me now..i was getting bored anyways..” he says..
“But first let me meet my baby .” I say getting all too exited to meet my new nephew.
“But you have to be very quiet i don’t want him to wake up..”
We enter the room and i see bhabhijaan all bundled up in the blanket asleep.
She is so cute and then i see something beside her that is way more cuter.
But it was moving and was awake.

I watched as bhai went to pick him up..
Bhabhijaan stirs a bit as bhai picks up junior..
“Shh its okay baby its me..” he says and she goes back to sleep.
He carries the baby in his arms and leads me to the living room.

Please let me know what you think about Birdie and Ted’s relation.
And the suggestion that Pie and Dex can give them

And junior thanks everybody for the warm welcome he received.


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  1. Shiksha

    Nice one…

  2. Sus


  3. Neptune

    aww it was so cute dex taking care of baby can you please show some more of their scenes with the baby pleashh

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks..i hope i can fulfill ur expectations

  4. nice one..
    well,birdie and ted should talk to each other clearly and sort out their problems..
    communication is really important in any relationship..
    they should share their feelings with each other and give some time to each other..
    and career is also important..and if ur love is true and both of them r honest with each other then long distance relationship does nt create any problem..
    hope it was

    1. Stoneheart

      Thanks dear…yes very helpful

    2. Simi

      I agree

  5. Simin

    Very nice diiii
    I think birdie should take up the chance of joining the academy
    She will get time to explore herself n decide what she wants
    If their love is true than after 2 yrs they will be back together

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  6. well in my pov?
    birdie and ted should let there heart out with eachother coz it’s the only way knowing better abt ur patner what they are actually feeling …and i want dex and pie to take this initiative talking with both and plan smthg different for both birdie and ted so that they could get some spare time for eachother?
    I hope this would help u..
    if possible plzz do give dex pie baby boy moments ?

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  7. Simi

    Good one dear.. ?
    Dex’s care for pie n baby is adorable…

  8. Nice…..

  9. Seebu_s

    loved it dear…

  10. Good…

  11. Vyshu10

    good one

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