Ruhaniyaat (Segment 122)

Her point of view-
“Congratulations..its a boy..” Doctor Chanu declares before handing over our boy to the nurse..
My boy is here finally..
I watch Dex as his eyes follow the nurse as she takes him away to get cleaned.
Possesive much.
I close my eyes in content..
The emptiness of not being pregnant anymore seeping in slowly..
But the happiness of seeing my baby boy overpowering the lonliness..

“Pie” he says
I smile at him as he places our baby in my arms..
The baby squirms slightly as i watch him in amusement before finally settling into a comfortable position.
So much like his father already..
We hardly got 15 – 20 before we were shifted to a private room and John and family came barging in..

“Si..” yelled the twins as they came rushing in..
“Baby what did i say about hospitals..?” John asks the twins
“Keep quiet.” They whisper..
“Thats right baby” he says and makes them sit on the visitor’s bed..
“Hiee baby..” my sister gushes as she picks up our son..
He opens his eyes to look at his mausi and she gasps.
“Oh my god he has your brown eyes..” she says
“And so much hair too” says John exitedly.
“Where is my grandson…? ” Says Dad coming into the room..

I look at Dexy and see him stare at Dad in concentration..
Papa was gently rocking his grandson to and fro cooing at him..
As he catches my eye as i motion for him to come towards me.
“Yes love do you need anything..?” He asks fussing over me..
“I am okay and he is fine too” i say smiling at him..
“I know but..”

“But you need to calm down everybody is family here..”
“Hmm.” He says and kisses me on the head.
“Guys there are kids here .” John teases.
“No i am not a kid i am a big brother..” His baby says.
Kisi ne sahi kaha hain Baap Sher to Beta sawa sher..
Everyone awwes at his cuteness.
“We want to see the baby too..” Says Papa entering into the room…
Dexy goes and hugs his father.

Mom comes over and hugs me.
“Congratulations on Dex Junior” she says and i smile instantly at the name..
Dex junior the name sounds so good..
“Lets have a group photo ” Dexy suggest and Papa and Dad come and stand beside the bed.
“What..?” Dex asks John when he dosen’t move.
He dosen’t say anything and just shrugs

“Shut up ofcourse you are family..” he says nearly dragging him to the bed.
“Aren’t you guys forgetting something..?” enquires Birdie entering the room with balloons..
“Yaay.”the kids squeal as they reach out for them..
Soon everyone hurdles close to the bed as Dex sets the timer on the camera..
“Cheese..” eveyone yells together and click the camera goes.
Soon after baby boy starts to cry from all the noise and commotion in the room..
“He is propably hungry ” says mom and everybody clears the room for me to feed my baby..
His point of view –
I watch as the nurse helps Pie to feed the baby..

Once she leaves Pie motions me to come over..
I watch in fascination as he eats and eventually settle myself on the bed beside Pie careful of not disturbing either of them.
“Thank you ” i say and kiss her and them him.
Her point of view –
“Thank you” i reply and relax my back on his chest as we both watch our son.
I just can’t believe that we created something so precious..
I just love him..

I watch in awe as he eats and eventually falls asleep.
Feeding your baby is one of the best feeling ever..
Heck being a mother is a best feeling ever..


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  7. Awesome dear…..its vry cute… cre

  8. you portray the feelings in such a way that you make us fall in love with your writings… 🙂

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  9. ohhh god pragyaaa❤
    Amazing awesom blossom and what not✌ to b frank today’s update is very simple☺
    but I must say with soo many feelings emotions flooded in it
    I cannot even express in words how i felt while reading this update?
    U just continue story with same enthusiasm am loving every bit of it❤?

  10. Ohh God pragyaa ❤?
    Amazing awesom blossom and what not to b frank today’s episode is very simple yet with soo many emotions nd feelings flooded in it?? i can’t even express in words how i felt while reading this update??
    U just continue the story with same enthusiasm and am loving reading evry bit of it ❤
    Last but not least that last moment btw dex pie nd baby boy is smthng that makes soo emotional with soo much love ??
    Keep it up dear✌?

  11. Finally dex junior aa gaya
    I m soooooo happy
    All episodes were epic awesome
    What else should I say?
    U made my day
    Don’t end it plzzzzz
    Ruhaniyaat is truely he best story I have ever read…
    Ruhaniyaat me ruh(soul) h jo sabke ruh (soul) ko chi (touch) let I h..
    Next episode j aldi upload kariye.. I’m waiting..
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