Ruhaniyaat (Segment 120)

Her point of view-
The sun falls in my eyes making me groan and i finally open them..
My shirt is off and i blush remembering the night before..
We will have to mend our ways when our kid is here..
Ofcourse we can’t have him walk in on us like this.
My gaze finally shifts to the man who is all cuddled up to me.
He looks so happy and i am so glad i am the reason of his happiness right now.
I lie back down and admire my husband.
I wish we have a son just like him
Call it a mother’s instinct or whatever.

I know its a boy.
Slowly Dexy opens his eyes and stares into mine..
“Hey.” I whisper
“Morning babe” he greets kissing me on my lips.
“Morning baby ..dada loves you..” he greets my bump before sitting up straighter.
“Wo babe i wanna ask you something.” He says a bit hesitantly..
Okay now Dexy hesitating is something new..

“Babe i want you to take a break from work now.” He says.
“Love after taking over the company from Papa i know i stay busy” he continues kissing the back of my hand.
“And I don’t want our baby to face what we faced in our childhood” he says and i nod in agreement
I know what he means.

“Shona its not that i have problem with you working its just that i want to have a family with you” he says his tone suddenly becoming defensive..
I nod my head in agreement but i don’t know what to say .
Dad is not getting any younger..but Dex is right too.
I hope i can manage it just fine…
“Baby.” He whispers

“We will do just fine .” He says nuzzling my neck..
Did he just read my mind..?
Or do we know each other so well.?
His point of view –
She stares off into space propably thinking what i just said about the whole family thing.
I hope she dosen’t take anything negative..
I don’t want her to stop working but i want her to be the parent whose always there.
I know being Ceo is a tough job but i also know that we both can pull this through.
I see her yawning and instantly ask her to lie down.
“Love sleep for some more its still early..

“Yea i think i will do that besides i am tired” she says.
I wonder how someone can be tired once they are just out of bed ..but i guess it must be really tiring carrying a human around..
I get down from the bed just as she lies down.
“Where are you going..?” She whines.
“Be right back.” I say and hurry to the bathroom..

I read in one of those pregnancy books that massages soothes the aches and all those strained musceles
I get the oil and move the sheets away to massage her back..
She shivers as the cool morning wind hits her bare skin but then instantly relaxes as i start to massage her back..
“This feels so good..” she moans as i massage her lower back..
I smile knowing how my little actions bring happiness to her.
I would do anything for her.
Heck she is my world

Soon to be the mother of my unborn kid
Once i am done i swaddle her up with the blanket and go downstairs to make some breakfast.
After many failed attempts i finally manage to make eggs for her..
I read in the same very book about how eggs have protiens which are necessary for the baby..
I am quiet updated on my baby knowledge..

Her point of view –

“Hey baby wakey wakey” he murmurs kissing my cheek..
I groan before opening my eyes slowly to see Dexy holding a tray in his hands ..
I look from him to the tray and back at him again ..
“I got you breakfast in bed love” he says placing the tray on my lap.
The tray is loaded with food.

It has an omlette ..some bread..fruits..and a sea shell..?
Is he gonna make me eat a see shell..?
Understanding my confusion Dexy urges me to open the sea shell.
I carefully open it to reveal a beautiful heart shaped locket ..
“Its so pretty” i gush as i hold it between my fingers

“Open it babe”
As i open the locket i see a photo of Dex on one side and our baby scan on the other ..
Tears threaten to fall out of eyes as i put the tray aside to get up and thank Dex.
“Thank you so much..its the best gift ever..” i say hugging him tight and kissing his cheek.
“I am glad you like it.” He says turning me around so that he can put it on me.
We both sit back down on the bed to munch on the breakfast..
“What do we do now..?” He questions..

“Just lay in bed and cuddle” i say and thats how we spend our rest of the time before heading back home .

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