Ruhaniyaat (Segment 12)


His point of view-
“Noooooooooooo Dont touch me…where are you taking me…??
Put me down…I din’t do anything..
Daaadd” she screamt at top of her voice once we reached home and i was taking her to her room…
She was screaming and kicking…
I put her down in my room and hugged her tight..
“Shh baby its me…Ur Dex..” i said rubbing her back..
“She is going to hit me..with that stick she will beat me…” she continued crying…
I shook her …my baby was having a nightmare..
She got up with a sudden jolt and sat holding her head…
Her point of view –

I guess i had one of those old nightmares again of my mom hurting me when she missed her drug dose …
My mother was an addict…
Dad had always been busy with work which had made my mother lonely and depressed and she found a friend in drugs..
I looked around to see and saw a worried Dex looking at me..almost staring…
Did i scare him away.?
Did he come to know ??
I needed peace i dint want to deal with all the memories right now…
I dint want to become her…i wanted to stay happy and my happiness lied with this man who was watching me with so much love in his eyes..

I threw myself in his arms and began sobbing…he held on to me…
Cooing sweet nothings in my ear till i drifted of to sleep..
His point of view –
What just happened..? I need to confess to her about my love or i will go crazy..
I admired her sleeping figure..she is so pretty..
I cant help but stare at my beauty..

I dint realise its day until the alarm rang..
She stirred…
I lied down next to her and closed my eyes…pretending to be asleep…
She came over to my side and kissed my forhead murmuring good morning in my ear..
Oh God this girl will be the death of me..!

Few hours later

Her point of view –
We were doing our usual grocerry shoping at the store when i heard my name being announced..
I jumped stlightly realising it only to be Dex’s voice..
“This one’s for u baby..”

And then the song played..
u hi meri hai saari jameen,
chaahe kahin se chalu
Tujhape hi aake ruku
Tere siwa main jaau kahaan
koyi bhi raah chunu
Tujhape hi aake ruku
Tum mile toh lamahe tham gaye,
tum mile toh saare ghum gaye
Tum mile toh muskuraana aa gaya
Tum mile toh jaadu chha gaya

, tum mile toh jina aa gaya
Tum mile toh main paaya hai khuda Tujhame kinaara dikhe,
dil ko sahaara dikhe
Aa meri dhadkan thaam le
Teri taraf hi mude
yeh saans tujhase jude
Har pal yeh tera naam le
Tum mile toh abb kya hai kamin,
tum mile toh duniya mil gayi
Tum mile toh mil gaya aasara
Tum mile toh jaadu chha gaya,
tum mile toh jina aa gaya
Tum mile toh main paaya hai khuda

Din mere tujhase chale,
raatein bhi tujhase dhale
Hai waqt tere haath mein
Ho tu hi shehar hai mera,
tujhamein hi ghar hai mera
Rehata hai tere saath mein
Tum mile toh mil gaya hamsafar,
tum mile toh khud ki hai khabar

Tum mile toh rishta sa ban gaya
Tum mile toh jaadu chha gaya,
tum mile toh jina aa gaya
Tum mile toh main paaya hai khuda

He sang the last paragraph out to me holding a cauliflower out to me..
Aww this was the best proposal ever..!
His point of view –
Pie looked at me as if i was alien..i kept sitting on my knee with that cauliflower in my hand…
What was i thinking??
But what to do i had to tell her now or else my brain would explode..
She kneeled down beside me wiping the tears away from my eyes that had crawled out…
“Aww …that is so sweet of u” she said and hugged me..
She pulled me up from the ground and we finished our shopping and headed home..
We even got free shoppin as we were the first couple in the store for the day..
Her point of view-

He kept holding my hand over the gear as we drove home…
Something was definitely up with him..
I looked over at him trying to read his expressions but like always he was a mystery to me..
He never showed any expressions on his face..always a reserved person..
I wonder what made him like this..?
Maybe the work load took a toll on him..

I have been meaning to help him with work ever since but how do i ask him..?
He went up to his study when we got home and dint show up the whole day..
I knocked over his study door a few times but all i got was silence..

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  1. Awesome epi..
    I rly like ur writing style. Its rly unique. Lv it..
    I lv ur previous ff too..
    Nxt epi asap plsssss…
    keep writing
    be happy always

    1. thank u … u too b happy

  2. Tamanna

    Wow…nice….and thanks for another longer episode….
    Waiting for next one…. Update soon

    1. thanks

  3. Mica

    i luv tum mile song

    1. me too thanks fr commenting

  4. Vyshu10

    Awesome….is he planning to propose her in a bigger way?

    1. thanks … have patience

  5. Rekha


    1. thank u

    1. thank u

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  6. So ms. Stoneheart it was once again a superb episode.

    Thank you very much for being really very regular. I m impressed with
    1. Yr punctuality
    2. Writing skill
    3. Yr nonsense name???(u must know it’s really not making any sense u r huge storage of kindness, softness and all the good feelings in world u r not stoneheart huh… ?)

    If you don’t like me pulling ur leg, then u cn tell me. I swear even after that i vl keep reading this ff as it gives me pleasure a lot more than you can expect!!!

    1. hey jerry … thank u so much for such a big comment…n yea u can tease me as much as u want..i dont mind..i wish we cud connect on fb or smething…
      and it gave me immense happiness to knw that my story gives u pleasure..

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