Ruhaniyaat (Segment 119)

His point of view-
I watched her pick up my shirt and then wear it..
Damn ..
one of these days this girl will be the death of me.
I followed her downstairs to find her dumping my accident in to the dustbin..
Yes i would like to call it accident rather than a mistake.
“Love do the chopping so i can cook..” she says.
“Hmm..” i say too distracted by her shirt technically my shirt which rode up when she raises her hand.

“Excuse me up here..” she says giggling.
“Ahem yaa..yaa” i say looking anywhere but at her..
And then she turned and went to the cabinet to remove something from up there.
Her shirt rode further up.
Is she trying to kill me..?

I cannot tolerate this anymore.
I lifted her up and sat her down on the counter capturing her lips instantly..
Her point of view –
We parted for air and he started to kiss my neck..

“Baby needs to eat ” i tried
“Hm..” he said and continue to kiss my shoulder..
“Shona .” I said shaking him..
“Okay” he said pouting and i got down the counter carefully.
His point of view –
I had no mood of leaving her but i know its important for her to eat.
I haven’t had her in my arms in a few days..

She has been so busy with office that i missed her so much..
So as soon as she turned to finish off cooking i hugged her from behind showering kisses on her shoulder once in a while
“I love you ” she sighed resting her back to my chest.
“Me too.” I said finally resting my head sideways on her back..
I almost start to doze off from the warmth and comfort when she declares that food is made.
We take the food to the table where we eat in peace because i know troubling a hungry pregnant woman is not safe..
“Lets watch a movie..?” I suggest hoping to continue cuddling session..
“Hm..” she says and starts to unbutton my shirt..

What is she doing .?
We can’t do it.
“Babe we can’t”
“Ofcourse i know we can’t ” she says putting her head on my bare chest now..
We continue to watch the movie but as usual we don’t make to the climax because i start to kiss her crazy..
Hours of kissing and cuddling later i let her sleep..

I know how important rest is for her and for our baby.
Fine i read it in a pregnancy blog ..
In the wee hours of the morning i fall asleep too a happy content man ..

This is one is for you sweetheart because you wanted some Pie-Dex moments.


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    They just cant keep themselves away from eo
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    Nice one! Loved it.! Continue soon.! Thnk u… ;-*

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    Aww.. Cute chapter ? ?
    I missed this chapter n read 120th chapter..

  12. ohhh my godd pragyaaa?
    Thanku so much for this treat?
    u know i was totally surprised wen i was reading swasan sweet moments and then my big surprise??u remembered my request pragya? nd dedicated such beautiful episode to me☺ i can’t thank enough of u pragya?And what to say abt this update just Awsome blossom ??
    ps: My Heart Fluttered reading this episode??❤

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    Awesome…glad to see Pie n Dex romantic moments

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