Ruhaniyaat (Segment 116)

His point of view –
“Babe i am going ..will be back in some time..” i called out to Pie ..
“But we are going on our babymoon today so where are you going..?..come cuddle..” she said .
As much as i want to accept the offer and get back in bed with her..
I know that i have to do this..
Her point of view –
Ring ring Ring
Its a video call.
“Helloo” i answered sleepily.
“Si ..” squealed my baby .
“Yes love”
“I haven’t seen you in 1 2 3 4 5 6. Yes 6 days..”he said counting on his hands
“Oh my god baby you can count..” i clapped
“Yes..i am a big brother now..” he said proudly.
He has been doing that since titli was born reminding everybody that he was a big brother..
“Yes that’s right baby” i cooed to him.
“Hey si when did you call..?” My sister asked entering into the room.
“I din’t ..he did..” and she looked at her son in pure shock..
“And where did you learn it mister..?”

“Dada taught us.its shimple..just press the photo…” he said innocently.
“I guess i have to talk to your Dada now.” She said in a flat voice.
His eyes grew wide and he looked at his mother
“Oopsy.. ” he said and ran out of the room to play with his twin.
“Actually i was going to call you .” She said.
“Yea yea i get that a lot ” i said teasingly ..
She had been busy lately with the new baby ,the twins and ofcourse John ..
I dont think he can even carry out his day without her..
“Oh madam kaha kho gayi..? By the way mere Zizu kaha hain.?” She teases
“He left early ..he had some work to do..” i explain..
“Haan haan kaam…i am sure kuch surprise plan hora hoga..”
“Go trouble J lemme sleep..” i whine..
“Haan madam solo aane kay baad to impossible hoga..”
I giggle and then we talk some more before hanging up..

His point of view –
I am meeting mom for breakfast at a nearby cafe.
I am feeling all jittery before the baby’s arrival and i know she is the go to person..
“Hi mom..” i greeted her before leading her to the table inside..
“Yes my dear so what did you want to talk about.?” She said coolly
She remains calm in all situations .
She literally never panicks.. unbelievable..!
She is like this perfect partner for Dad ..
He is like out to conquer the world and i am sure he is doing a good job at it ..and she the chilled partner..
“What is it beta..?” She questions genuinely concerned..
“Wo its about the baby..” i say and she smiles at the mention.
I guess thats what grandchildren do to their grandparents.
Bring out the best in them..
“What is it..?”
“Howwillimanagemsoworriedwhatififail” i say all at once..
She shifts to a chair closer to me and offers me water..
I wish my mother would have done all this with me..
“Calm down beta..and tell me what happened..?”she said rubbing her hand on my back to calm me down ..
“Lets order and then we can talk about it..” she suggests..
We call the waiter and suprisingly she orders my favourite..
White sauce pasta
I just love it..
“I am making a sweater for the baby..” she says all stary eyed and i am amazed to see the love everyone is showing on him before he is born..
“Thats so sweet..thank you mom..”
“So why are you so worried..? Is Pie okay..?” She questions
“Yes mom..m just..”
I take a deep breath and continue..
“I am just will i manage i donnt know anything about babies..”
The minute i finish mom starts to laugh..
“Pie calls you i know why..?” She says and continues to laugh..
“I am not cute ..and don’t laugh ”
“Acha okay i am all serious now..”
“So give me a suggestion..” i ask desperately..
“First of all calm down .. i know how it is when you are going to be a first time parent..its nerve wrecking ..but in the end its worth it..” she says..
“You have a amazing life partner you got nothing to worry about …and i am not saying its going be easy .i am just saying it will be worth the effort..
And about the baby..they don’t come with manuals so you will learn eventually with them each day at a time .
And obviously you are going to make mistakes but then you will learn from it too..and all of us are here too..
Isnt life all about making mistakes and learning from them..?” She continues..
“Yea..if i hadn’t fought with Pie i wouldn’t have understood her importance in my life ..” i say feeling more confident now.
“Yea .thats like my boy.” She says and pats my back in appreciation..
We quickly finish up our breakfast and then head homewards..
I grab a boquet of flowers for Pie to light up her day..
Its going to be a good day today..

Thank you so much everybody.
This day on 2016 i posted my introductory segment of Humrahi and i had received 7 comments and kumu was one of them..
Today also when i was replying to comments on my segment i saw her comment..
I cannot you know even thank her enough for sticking by me.. two cutest people i know..kitna bhi late post ho unka comment sabse pehle aata hain..
And then i realised Kakali was way sweeter in person..
Chanu i wish you come back soon.
Divyarani one sweetheart.
Rekha ..simi anu…vyushu 10 and ofcourse jerry a big thank you for always being there..
Celebrating my milestones more than me..
Anjali R who has been a great friend and inspiration..
And lastly a big thank you to all those who read my segments.

Thank you.

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  1. Sus

    its really good, i like the basic things of life you mention

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    Well we loved both the stories of yours… U inculcate something.. in it….. that we just simply can’t explain ….either b it the characters, their portrayal or your hard work… Well, thanks to you… You very well know how to keep us hooked to the stories.. Well if not everyone, then me….

    Seriously, Congrats dr, it’s all because of your tale n hardwork n time…
    Bye, see you soon…

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    Heyy this episode was awesome

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    they are different and the way u present ur stories is also unique..
    a lot of writers discontinue their stories becoz of low comments bt u never did that..u r one of those writers who r still updating their stories on TU..
    I always wait for ur brings a smile on my face ??..plz never stop ur writing..I know u hv ur personal life, update whenever u hv time..
    Coming to this epi it is awesome..
    l loved dex and his mom’s conversation..waiting for babymoon??
    Sorry for this long msg??

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    Dex is really a cuteii
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  15. am veryyyy sorry pragyaa?? for my veryy late comment?but let me tell u dear..i was busy in my cousin’s wedding so couldn’t able to comment? I hope u undrstnd?
    and coming to the story just amazing dear?? the way ur showing dex innocence in way of asking abt baby care to his mom is just adorable?? pie’s conversation isvery sweet n cute ❣❣
    Pragyaa i still remember those humrahi❤❤ days?? i cannot forget that story which became close to my heart?and u r the one in writters who became close to me for whom I always use to wait for the updates??
    Thanku soo much for cherishing humrahii moments with ur fans (am included) love u sooo much❤❤
    nxt time am not gonna b late forsure in giving comments ????

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