Ruhaniyaat (Segment 115)

His best friend’s point of view –
“Babe…can u get titli..?” Yelled my wife and i got up from my bed instantly
She was getting the twins ready for school..
“Maa will we see si..?” Inquired my boy as i was passing by their room.
“We shall see … I will ask her..” she replied with a smile.
He was a big fan of Bhabhijaan and why not she is such a sweetheart.
Trust me if my boy was older Jhonny would have killed him..
I smile slightly remembering my crazy best friend..

My smile widens when i see my princess lying in her crib..
“Hey love.” I whisper and she smiles widely at me.
“Do you need a nappy change sweetheart… Come here ..” i say picking her up and bring her to the changing table…
I continue talking to her while i change her nappy and she keeps giggling ..
Her giggling is like music to my ears..
So beautiful..
I pick her up and take her to the kitchen where the twins are having breakfast.
“Dada..” they squeal when they see me enter with princess.
” Good morning love bugs..” i greet them..

“And hows my lovely wife doing this morning .?” I ask my better half kissing her lips..
Seconds later i hear giggling behind me..
My babies are getting older ..
“Comeon you two..the bus will b here any minute now..hurry up..” scolds my wife and they goble their breakfast down..
As soon as they finish the bus honks and we rush out.
“Bye…be good..” we yell to our running children ..
I just love my family.

Her point of view –
“Pie..” yells Dex from the dinning room
Ever since i have gotten pregnant Dex lets me sleep in and cooks us breakfast..
“Coming .” I yell from the top of the stairs and start walking downwards answering emails from clients.
His point of view –
Dad has not been keeping well these few months and that means that Pie has to be the substitute for him at office.
She handels everything so well..

The office and the house..
Without a single mistake .
I watch her descend the steps answering emails on her phone when she misses the last step and almost trips.
“Careful babe..” i say catching hold of her arm.
She just smiles at me and continues with her work..
“You need to take care of yourself babe..” i say and she shrugs
“Till the time you are there nothing will happen to us.. ”

“What about when i won’t be there with you anymore.?” I question.
“That time i won’t be here too. ” she says and i look at her shocked..
How can two people love each other so deeply..?
Is this what its called to find your soulmate..?
She continues to work at the table.
“Sweety pie you need to eat.”

“Feed me please..i am running late..”
And ofcourse i feed her because i am the good husband who never refuses his wife…
Yes i love her and i love to spoil her everyday because she deserves all the happiness in the world..
I just love her .
Her point of view –

“One condition” he says.
“Huh..?” I question confused.
“I will feed you but on one condition..” he says
“And that is..?”
“You will have to take a weekend off..we need to go on our babymoon..” he says winking.
“When ..and where..?”

“Just to our beach house ..i know you have an early meeting on monday..” he says and i just simply stare at him.
Like he knows whole of my schedule like as if its his own
He never fails to impress me.
How can i be so lucky to get such a brilliant husband.

What do you think will happen on their baby moon..?

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  1. Simin

    Awww after a preety long time
    Dont know what dex is upto now

  2. Phoniex

    lovely dear

  3. Wow after a long time finally u updated……
    Awesome as always……??
    Waiting for ur next update…….
    Continue soon…..

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u dear..

  4. nice

  5. Shiksha

    Lovely…aww, Dex is loving n caring husband n father…he pampers our cutie pie alot…… Update soon…

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u i always wait for ur comment

      1. Shiksha

        Welcome dr.
        n we for ur updates n reply… Love you dear friend… Keep writing…

  6. Simi

    Amazing dear.. Dex is so caring

  7. amazing

  8. Kakali

    Nice one.! Loved it Pragya.! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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  9. Vyshu10

    nice…hope only good things happen

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  10. sryyy…again am late ??
    my exams?? …..anyways ?
    coming to the episode….it was very sweet n short?? i just felt soo peace? reading pie and dex conversation❤❤ they are just god made couple #swasan?

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u dear..i was waiting for ur comment

  11. Awesome dear……

  12. Awesome…as always
    dex is such a sweetheart
    he is the charm of ruhaniyaat
    pie is lucky to have him
    sorry i was late …
    how’s ur work and stufy going??

  13. Stoneheart

    Thank u dear..everything is fine..

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