Ruhaniyaat (Segment 113)

Her point of view –
As soon as i stepped out of the hall i received a call from the an unknown number
“Madam we are waiting outside..let us know when you want to leave.” Said a man from the other side….
“But why i can always call a uber..”
“Bhai kay orders hai mam..”
“Godfather” he replied from the other end.
I guess things are falling into place..
“Acha ..let your bhai know i will b home in an hour … I know you are on confrence call with him..” I said frustrated and hung up.
I dont understand this man at all..
Now that we are married then and going to have a baby together then why does he have to go and be so protective and all..
And what’s with the bodyguards..
Its so awkward.
I returned back to the hall and bid everyone good bye.
Little titli was sleeping so peacefully.
The twins were sad to see me go and wanted to tag along but unfortunately my kid at home was grumpy and din’t know how he would react with the twins.
“i promise to see you tomorrow baby.” I kissed my boy and was walking out when Birdie called out to me..

“Yea.” I turned and she was teary eyed.
“Hey…i am sorry about Dex …don’t upset yourself please” i said hugging her..
She just held on to me tight..
“Hey..its alright . I am there for you..” i said rubbing her back..
I felt her nod ..
We parted and i kissed her head ..
“Don’t worry he loves you and we both know it..” i said and headed home.
I was escorted home in a tinted car with a car in the front and a car behind.
My goodness i feel like the king of the world.
Oops sorry queen ..its funny how we relate power directly to men ..
His point of view –
My plan failed at the party due to that guy so i had to set up one at home..
I wanted to know how long was it for her to come back so i had called her up on a confrence call with her bodyguard.
She had said about being home in an hour.
It was now 1 hour and 5 minutes and she was not here.
Where is she…?

I was just about to call her when the door of the apartment opened revealing her..
I quickly hid behind the couch and watched her enter the house.
“Where is my grumpy man..? Why are the lights off ..?” She muttered
She mistakenly stepped on my hand with her heel sandal.
I wanted to scream but the exitement to surprise and change her mood was more dominant.
“Dex .” And she switiched on the light.
“Surprise..” i said and sprang up from behind the couch.
Her point of view –
“Surprise..” he said and sprang up from behind the couch.
“Shit .. never scare me that way again..”
” I am sorry baby .” He said and hugged me
He is just so adorable…he can never let me stay angry at him for long
“So what is going on Papa to be..?” I asked inspecting the decorations set up in the hall
“A thank you date maybe..” he said and blushed.
Okay wait..did he just blush.
Let me enjoy this moment..
“What’s with the date.?” I asked raising my eyebrows questioningly.
” Umm..just like that ..”
“And why are you blushing..?”
“Really..?” I like teasing him.
“Okay maybe i am..” and i pull his cheeks lovingly.

Few hours later –
We settle ourselves on the couch ready to watch some movies when he pulls me to him.cuddling
“Stay close to me will you..?”
“Hmm. ”
I know its because of bhaiya that he getting so paranoid and he needs to stop
“I am fine and with can chill..”i say rubbing his back.
“Hm..but just stay here..” he says and we cuddle more.
His point of view –
Why is he back in our lives now..
One thing is for sure this time even if he comes as much as 10 feet distance from Pie and my child then he will see the worst side of godfather..
“Is bhabhi okay..?” Beeps my phone with a message from John
“Yes .. Dont worry i am there..” i reply.
“I am there too..”he replies back.
And finally i retire to bed with a heavy burden off my back.

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