Ruhaniyaat (Segment 110)

Her point of view –
“Babe can we walk a little slow i feel nauseous..” i said to Dex holding onto his hand for support..
We had just reached the hospital and John was calling us every two minutes..
“Yes bhai..we are here..” said Dex and hung up..
Will Dex be so freaked out too..?
“Bhabhijaan please go inside..she is asking for you..” John said and i stepped into the maternity ward.
There were mothers in pain who were just about to deliver…
Mothers feeding and bonding with their babies..
Mothers cooing to their little ones..
The sight was beautiful..
Every kid every mother was diffrent but together they all made a happy picture..
“So..? All set..?” I asked my sister who had a pale white face due to all the pain …
“Its my third time..” she grinned
“Oh yea…so how did the date go..?”
“I learnt something..”
“Like what..?”
“Men can be the head of the family but women surely are neck of the family..”
I bursted out laughing at her statement..
“So what’s the joke about..?” Asked John walking towards us all dressed up in hospital clothes.
“Just a girl thing ” she explained and my sister winked at me .
“Its time..” said the nurse and wheeled her to the operation theater..
John hugged Dex and followed suit…
“I will just call up Dad and Papa” i said and left Dex in the ward to admire the kids and their mothers.

His point of view-
I just can imagine Pie in here 9 months from now..
All ready to deliver our first born..
Yes first born because i want atleast 3
I walked out of the ward to my wife who was seated in the waiting room waiting for the little bundle of joy..
His best friend’s point of view –
“Mr Husband dare you touch me ever again..” she screamt and i looked at her horrified..
How am i suppose to live without touching her..
The nurse looked at me sympathetically and continued to prepare for her operation.
“I so freaking hate you John..” yelled my wife and that was when i lost it ..
Tears started to flow out of my eyes and i rushed out not wanting to worry my pregnant wife who was soon to be operated.
“Hey ” bhabhijaan came to me and i hugged her ignoring all the glares that i got from Jhonny.
“She said she hates me..” i cried like my 3 year olds.
“J she is just hormonal …its the pain acting up …now go in there…and help her through this..”
“Yes bhai Pie is correct..i was reading about pregnant women and i came to know that they can be pretty hormonal at times..” he explained.
Why was he reading about pregnant women..?
Does that mean i looked at Bhabhijaan and then at her stomach..and she nodded shyly.
“No freaking way ..i am going to be an uncle..” i hugged them both and ran inside.
“Baby please come here.. ” called out my wife as soon as she saw me..
We both held hands as she pushed the little one out..
Within minutes the room echoed with cries of the new born .
The nurse gently kept the kid in my arms and she opened her beautiful eyes …
They were jet black just like her mother’s
“Congratulations its a baby girl..”
I was a father ..
I held her tiny frame into my arms and smiled at her lovingly.
I glared at the nurse when she tried to take my girl away from me..
“Jaan let her please..” my wife said.
“Thank you so much baby .” I said kissing my wife when we were left alone in the room.
“Thank you for giving my kids a father..” she said .
“They are our kids remember….i will just inform everyone take care..”
I walked out to Jhonny and bhabhijaan who were waiting anxiously in the waiting room with everyone else..
“What happened .?” Everyone questioned as they saw me coming in.
“Its a baby girl..” i yelled and people looked at me as if i was crazy..
Yes i was indeed crazy..
Crazyily madly in love with my family of 5

Hey guys a very happy valentine’s day to you.
I hope you liked this chapter and stay tuned in cause the next one is coming soon

And shagun baby.
I don’t do names in the story but you can surely suggest as my uncle and aunt are going to have a baby will be helpful there.
I am sorry if i have hurt your feelings


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