Ruhaniyaat (Segment 11)


His point of view-
Oh my god is that you TED…!!! She squealed and jumped on the guy who had walked upto us…
“Yes Doll …its me.. i am so happy to see you” he said swirling her around like a 2 year old
I was angry…happy …sad…and i dont even know what not when she did that to him…
Now i dint even want to say that when she kissed him on the cheek..
She had never kissed me..okay except for a few hours ago..
But that was on the lips…what about my cheeks…they were burning in jealousy..
Its been half an hour and she hadnt even looked at me once…
She was busy with him…and i dont even know who he was..
He was good looking i admit but i was handsome too..
My soft curls stood out in the sunlight and i had hilighted them to give them more dramatic effect..
After almost an hour had passed and there was no aknowledgement from her…I walked out of the party…
One of my old girlfriends followed suit..
As i sat myself on the bench she walked upto me and started literally sucking my face..
I so wanted to push her away but being the gentleman i was i couldnt …so i tried shaking her..softly at first..then pulled her by the elbow ..
“Get off me” ..i yelled..
“Baby i love you ..! I know you haven’t been happy with that girl …i know she dosent treat you well…I can make you happy…Come Back to me..” she said seductively running her hand across from my face..
If i had been the old Jhonny i would have taken the girl home..
But i was not just Jhonny now I was Dex that too HER Dex…
She was the only girl i wanted now..
That moment i realised it that YES..! I ACTUALLY LOVED HER..SHE WAS THE GIRL I WANTED ..!

Her point of view-
I can’t believe it i saw him after 2 months..he hasn’t changed a bit …he is still the best friend..crazy as ever…
I always called him Ted as he was this huge guy muscular and all…and he called me Doll because i was small and cute like one …yep .i am one of those self obsessed people..
I still cant believe it that i would see him here ..He got the sports scholarship and was going to join my class..
Woah .! That was just great..
After inviting him over to our house sometime i went to look for Dex..
He was sitting on the bench when a girl approached him and sat on his lap sucking his face…
I smiled at his discomfort and the expressions that he gave ..clearly not liking it..
I sat myself down to watch the show..
He shook her slowly but she din’t move..he pulled her by the hand when she started with her ranting…
I couldn’t control it anymore…so i started to giggle…
His head snaped towards me and i saw fear pass through his eyes..
“Pie..” he said and pushed the girl away and stood up..
The girl being shameless still clung to his arm like a leech…
He walked upto me and said “baby i can explain..”
I couldn’t control it anymore i burst out laughing..
I put my arm around his waist and said to the girl..” I am here now..Thank You for giving him company in my absence ..”
She gave me a disgusted look and walked away…

His point of view-
As soon as i saw Pie my heart stopped ..
What is she gonna think of me now..?
Will she hate me..?
But when she burst out laughing i felt her to be crazy….
Who does that ?? But then again how can i forget she was pie..
She could do anything
But the comeback she had given her was mindblowing but did that mean she was not angry.?
But what she said next took me by surprise ” I trust you ” she said and rested her head on my shoulder closing her eyes.
“But Baby ” i tried to protest still unsure about what she had said..
“Dex …a relationship is based on trust and i am trying to work this one ..besides you dint give her look..aww poor her.. ” she said and began laughing..

Her point of view-
Yea..! This is how i am going to deal with this relationship…I am not going to make the mistakes my parents made ….I will make it work with Dex…
“Dex” i said still holding on to him…
“Yes baby ” he replied almost a whisper in my ear..
“I want to talk..lets go for a walk” i said looking at him.
“As you wish mam” he said bowing down.
With that we get on his car to go home…
Changed into jeans we walked over to the beach near his house…
“Dex..i am scared” i began

His point of view-
I engulfed her in my arms and we continued walking down the beach..
“Why are you scared honeybuns??” I cooed into her ear…
“I dont know Dex…everything is happening so fast…i dont know…if this is what i want …”.
I immediately release her from my hug…she walks away ahead…
“I really want this to work out Dex..” she says with so much emotion that i cant help but walk upto her and take her back in my arms..
We sit down on the soft sand my arms around her and her head resting on my shoulder watching the waves .
I lean in to kiss her when suddenly her phone rings..she gets up and goes towards the car..
Her point of view –
It was my friend at the other end…she had had a horrible break up and wanted me to come over ..
“Dex can u drop me to the hostel..?” I called out to him..
“No baby you are not going coming home with me” he declared ..
“Dex” i gave him my best puppy dog expression..
“Alright pie..!” But i will pick you in a few hours .. “okay..?”
I knew if i wanted to go i would have to agree with him so eventually i did..

Two hours later
His point of view –
“Why does she have to be this good friend and help people..? I wanted to spend time with her but..” i huffed and dialed her number but she wont answer..
It was nearly 2 in the night and i couldn’t sleep..i had to tell her how i felt about her…
So i went to the hostel to pick her up..
“Pie..come baby i am sleepy lets go home..” i pleaded her..
“Just coming” she said and next moment she was in the car beside me ..
“I er u know…wanted to tell you …something ” i said almost nervous..
This is new for me … i have never been nervous around a girl but heck who was i kidding she was pie
My pie..!
“Yes” she said almost drowsily looking outside at the trees passing by..
I am closed my eyes to gather courage but all i could see was her smiling face..
Yes i had to do it today..
“I love you” i said and looked over at her..
My girl was fast asleep in light snores..

P.S – I clubbed my 2 chapters to give this really long update because i am very happy today..
Reason 1 – it is my best friends birthday.
Reason 2 – you are mine is going to restart real soon..

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