Ruhaniyaat (Segment 109)

His best friend’s point of view –
I saw bhabhi’s car approaching the restraurant as i waited for my love in the parking ..
“I just hope everything goes well.” I mutteted to myself for the upteenth time.
Bhabhi pulled over and got out of the car love following suit..
I looked at her and she smiled just like the day when i had seen her for the first time..

“Beautiful” escaped my lips and bhabhijaan gave me a knowing look.
“Ahem.” She cleared her throat and thats when we realised that we have been lost for some time..
“I guess i should leave..” bhabhi said and hugged love before driving off..
“Shall we..?” I asked extending my hand to her .
“Wo …i ”
“Shh babu..i know..this is our time..” i said guiding her in to the restraurant..
She stopped midway and that made me stop too..
“I am so sorry babe..” she said and a few tears escaped her eyes..
“Hey shona…main hoon na..don’t cry baby i can’t stand your tears..” i said and wiped her tears away..
“I guess i am am just being too hormonal..” she said laughing …
I embraced her in my arms and we walked into the restraurant..

Meanwhile at Dex and Pie’s residence
Her point of view –
I entered into a very dark living room.
“Dex.. ” i called out to my husband..
Where is he..?
As far as i know he was going to spend a lazy day at home today..
Then where the hell did he disspear..?
I switched on the lights and Dex jumped out from behind the sofa.
“Surprise..” he yelled running towards me.
The party blast happened and my heart skipped a beat.
“Hey..” i muttered when Dex scooped me up in his arms
“Welcome home mommy” he whispered before picking me up and heading towards the dinning table

On the dinning table were all of my favourite dishes..
“Love taste them please..” said Dex suddenly very nervous
“But i am not hungry now..”
“But i made all these..”
“You what.?”
“Yes helped me …i skyped her..” he said rubbing the nape of his neck.
“You din’t tell her did you..?”
“Would you love me any less if i say i did..” he said hesitantly..
“Noooo Dex i wanted to tell them ..”
“But baby i just feel so happy that i want to brag about it to the world ..
I just you know can’t contain my exitement …i am going to be a Dad ” he said picking me up and whirling me around.
His point of view-
I was soo distracted explaining to her about my happiness that i forgot all about the food that i had prepared..
The rumbling of a stomach brought me back to the world.

“I guess our baby is hungry..” Pie grinned.
“Yup my little champ needs food ”
I pulled out a chair for her and helped her settle down.
I sat opposite to her staring her, as she tasted the food…..a little bit of everything..
At the restraurant-
His best friend’s point of view –
We were dancing real slow to a romantic number when baby started feeling sick.
I sat her down on the chair nearby and gave her a glass of water
“Love are you okay..?” I asked panic to see her face going white.
“I think we are having the baby.” She suggested
“Are yous sure ..?”
“Yes i can feel it..”
“What do i do now..?” I asked panic rising by every minute.
“Take me to the damn hospital..?”
“Should i take you in the car or call an ambulance..?” I enquired.
“Just take me there…you idiot..” she screamt
I rushed out and was about to reach the parking when someone called out to me.
“You idiot take me with you..”she screamt
I started driving to the hospital slowly trying not to hurt her..
“I need my sissy..” she whimpered.

His point of view-
Pie’s phone rang on the night stand next to her but she seemed totally unfazed by it.
We had a long talk about parenting ..
She was terrified..i was too but i knew we could do justice to our roles as parents..till the time we were together..
Our unity was our strength and that was going to help us here also..
I picked up the phone to see it was John .
“Bhabhijaanhospitalbabycome” he said in a breath..

“Calm down what is it..?” I asked quitely not really understanding what was the commotion all about.
“The baby is here..” he said
“Really..?we are coming over..” i said quickly hanging up..
“Baby we have to go the baby is here..” i said shaking up Pie.
She sat up in a minute.
“Hurry up my niece is here..” she said grabbing my arm and running out of the room..

#special thanks#
Stoneheart is thankful to everybody who helped me come out of my meltdown by sending stoneheart your love.

Extremely thankful to beautiful Kakali who helped me with this chapter..
You rock girl


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