Ruhaniyaat (Segment 107)


Few months later

His point of view-
It was nearing my wifey’s wake up time and she was sleeping soundly..
She gets really tired these days with handling office work and house work..
Dad has transferred many of his shares to Pie after our wedding..
And we have shifted with Mom and Papa to the mansion after the wedding .
At times she has to baby sit the twins as John and Bhabhi are going to have a baby..
Besides she is tensed about Big-B and Birdie as there seems to be something wrong with them.
I am bad at talking to people thats why my wifey does these things on my behalf..
If i would be doing this then i would have blown his head by now..
Pie is the water to the fire inside me..
My attention shifts back to my beautiful wife..she has not been keeping too well these past few days .
Vomitting … I think its a stomach flu that she caught somewhere .

Her point of view –
As soon as i got up the bile in my stomach started to rise and i rushed to the bathroom to throw up.
“Baccha..” Dex said entering the bathroom and rubs my back..
I collapse beside the toilet bowl too tired to walk back to bed..
Its been happening for a week now and i am getting frustrated
Dex gently scoops me in his arms and brought me to the washbasin ..
Washing my face gently he asked
“Love can we be pregnant..?”
“We.?” I enquired confused as to how both of us can be pregnant..
“Yes baby will be our kid so we will be pregnant..” he said kissing the top of my head..
“But …” I asked panicked..
How will we manage things..?
Papa and mom were still in the honeymoon stage..
Dad had retired and wanted to enjoy with his grandchildren..
“Shona..remember our vow..?” He asked

His point of view-
She nodded in response..
“Come what may we will stand together always..” we repeated our vows from the pheras..
Those vows are promises that i made her and she me..
That were not only for that day or that point of time…they were to be lived and re-lived every single day of our life.
“Let us get you checked up baby girl..” I whispered and she blushed understanding my hidden meaning.
I walked out of the bathroom allowing her to get ready while i prepared breakfast for both of us..
Yea i have started to cook now as i am under the training of my smt ji..
A good husband always abides by the rules made by his wife..

Her point of view –
The mere thought of being a mother caused goosebumps on my skin..
Will i be able to handel such a huge responsibility of being a mother..?
“Shona …breakfast is ready babes..” calls out Dex from the kitchen ..
I hurry down the stairs and settle myself down on the dinning table.
“Here you go bacha..” he says and serves me french toast..
The smell of fried egg makes me feel nuseous and i push my plate away.
“I don’t want to eat it..” i declare.
“No worries sweety ..i will make you something else..” he says and kisses my cheek..
He quickly walks up to the kitchen and gets me toast with nutella..
His point of view –
I just can’t believe myself that i am the same person who never worked for themselves..and here i am working for my pie ..
I don’t consider it as working its my way of expressing love to her..
I just like spoiling my baby..
“Babu i already booked an appointment with doc .we should leave soon..”
I am just too exited to be a father..i want the results to come out positive…
She looks frightened though.

Her point of view –
“Baby is something the matter .?” He asks.
“Wo..i am not so sure wether i can …you know…have it in me to be a good mother..”
He wraps his arms around me and says..
“I know you will be a great mom..besides i will always be there with you.. I love you..”
“But what if i don’t fulfill your expectations.?” I questioned worried..
“Babes you are already above my expectation..i just don’t know how did i get so lucky..

Satisfied with his answers we head over to the doctor’s

“Congratulations ma’m you are pregnant..” doc says
“No dr..we are pregnant..” dex emphasises.
A broad smile makes its way over to my face at his statement.
The doctor smiles too.
“Thank you doctor ” we say in unison before heading out of the clinic..

His point of view –
As soon as i start driving John calls me up..
“Bhai..kaha hai tu .?”he gushes even before i greet him
“Wo shri mati ji ki tabiyat thodi theek nai thi toh doc kay paas aaye the..”
“Bhai jaldi ghar aa..She is leaving with the kids..”
” Par hua kya ..?”
“Tu bas aa ..” he says and hangs up.
Just then Pie’ s phone rings and its Bhabhi..
“Hey si i am coming over to your place..” she declare and hang up.
I look over at her and she shrugs her shoulder..
I just hope John hasn’t screwed this up.
I reverse my car from the parking and drive off to John’s house..

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  1. Simin

    Awwwww my babies are expecting
    John what u did now
    Hmmm maybe its her mood swing

    1. thank u so much

  2. Arshaanya

    Loved it

    1. thanks

  3. Happy new year di…may god bless u
    Awesome epi … no words i think even awesome is veryyyyy small word for this episode
    While reading the episode i felt like i was watching it on tv or laptop…. it felt so real that i can’t explain in words
    Phewwww u didn’t end it at all
    Thanks for that
    And plz don’t think to wrap it up
    As there is a long way to go
    Sorryfor this long comment but i can’t help it …….these all r my feelings. ..
    Take care

    1. this the best coment i hve received..i took a screen shot .
      thank u so much..

  4. Dex saying “we are pregnant” was so cute. Happy for both.
    Y all the time pie has to handle everyone’s problem. Huff!!!
    Nice chappy dear.

    1. thank u so much..did u forget that Pie is a perfectionist

  5. Deeksha gupta

    Superb ….

    1. thanks

  6. Mica

    awwwww… came here to wish happy new year for you, but then i got good news… they pregnant!!!! yay!

    1. thank u so much n same to u

  7. Rekha

    Wow Awesome as always…….??
    Advance Happy New Year ???

    1. thanks and same to u

  8. They are was soooo cute..
    Loved it..❤❤
    Happy new year in

    1. thank u and same to u

  9. Mariyajap

    aww soo cute

    1. thanks

  10. Kakali

    Pragyaaaaaa … Dex n Pie is expecting.. waaaa feeling kinda climb to Everest n scream “LET’S NACCHO”..
    feeling short of words to describe my happiness.. it’s really a blessed episode for me.. !
    in ur FF there is lot more things that we can learn about …
    after coming from a exam n atte hi i got to read this part… what else i want.. yupioo it’s a gift from God to Dex n Pie…. n it’s also ur gift to ur readers….
    Loads of love dear.. huh i know i blabber a lot… but urghhhh let it b…
    stay blessed n a very very Happy New Year… !! wish my babies too n have a prosperous year for their upcoming life….
    Thnk u. ;-*

    1. thank u so much

  11. Vyshu10

    awesome…so cute n sweet. Yayyy..they r pregnant. Happy new year dear!

    1. thank u

    1. thank u

  12. Kakali

    Pragya r u on fb?

    1. yes as pragya mathur

  13. Chanu

    awwwww praguuu dr!!!!!
    *screaming out loudly
    they r pregnant!
    its da best gift ill b hv in dis new year!
    i felt like dancing crazily! yipppeee

    nw im eating my fav choco 2 celebrate my happiness,!
    dex wrds ws jst awsome! he wrks 4 pie is da most adorable thing!
    sooo lvly!

    dnt knw wt hpn 2 jhon! i think its bz f mood swings f her! lols
    poor him!

    waiting 4 nxt epi dr!
    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. thank u so much

  14. loved it

    1. thanks

  15. Simi

    So cute ?
    Poor John ???
    May be because of mood swings…
    Happy new year ?

    1. thank u

  16. Ohhh myy god…what am i hearing…our dex nd pie became parents…ohhh god it’s lyk a huge surprised for us…thq pragyaa for such awsom news…glad u dint wrap it….lastlyy wishing u n ur family a veryyy happy n prosperous new year….keep on giving such episodes pragyaa…

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..and same to u

  17. Kakali

    100 of Pragya mathur there.. which one is u.. gosh.. “Kakali Swasanchuu”

    1. Stoneheart

      Found u thank u

  18. Zeestum2

    Aww shooo cute Dex is soo caring pie is so lucky to have him loved the way he said “we are pregnant” awww loved it next part soon ????

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  19. Zeestum2

    And a very happy and prosperous new year stone!

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      Thank u so much

  20. Nice…

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