Ruhaniyaat (Segment 106)


His point of view –
The mandap had been set and the hall had been beautifully decorated..
I had personally looked at the all the arrangements ..making sure to make the smallest of the things perfect ..
“aaiye yajman baithiye..” Pandit ji called out to me and i hurried on to the mandap..not wanting to waste a single moment..
He started with the puja while my attention kept shifting from him to staircase from where Pie was supposed to come down.
“Ladki ko bulaye..” Pandit ji instruscted and bhabhi rushed upstairs with the kids trailing behind..
As the minutes passed my patience began thining down..
I wanted to see her so bad ..
She din’t let me see her wedding attire before hand …she wanted it to be a surprise for me..
Abh usko kaise bataun kay usse toh main jeans main bhi shadi kar lu..

Minutes later Pie appeared on the top of the staircase looking beautiful as ever in her Rani pink Saree with Green blouse..
Her head was covered with a Green Pallu and her anklets jingled while walking.
Her point of view –
The time was finally here ..I was getting married ..what had started as a plan to fool the parents..was going to end in a beautiful marriage..
I was finally getting married.
Like all fairytales my prince was waiting for me in the mandap..
Dex walked up to the bottom of the stairs and offered me his hand..
His point of view –
She gave her hand in mine and i promised myself that i will never let go of it ever..
I guided her carefully to the Mandap and sat down myself after making sure she was comfortable enough..
Panditji started with the rituals and Puja and soon it was time for Kanyadaan..
“Papa can i..? She is just like my yonger sister.” John enquired
“Haan ji beta..” Papa said giving permission.
Bhabhi gave her hand in mine while John did all the formalities..
Aaj ibaadat
…Aaj ibaadat ru-ba-ru ho gayi
Ru-ba-ru ho gayiJo maangi thi..
jo maangi thi Uss duaa se guftgu ho gayi
Aa..Mere Maula, Mere Maula
Mere Maula, Mere Maula
Tera shukriya
Images of her accident flashed before me..
Her lying in a pool of blood..bleeding ..
The doctors giving up on her..
Her getting better and finally being here as my bride.
..Mere Maula, Mere Maula
Mere Maula, Mere Maula
Tera shukriya .

I was so overwhelmed in emotions that tears started to leak out of my eyes..
I clutched on to her hand tightly and she looked up at me..
Her point of view –
During the Kanyadaan images of our sepration flashed through me..
His throwing me out..
Then coming to see me at Ted’s place..
Me seeing him from the window.
He then launching a company in my name as a sign of regret..
The house having pictures of me.
And i started crying unintentionally..too overwhelmed..
His expressions mirrored mine .
.Mere Maula, Mere Maula
Mere Maula, Mere Maula
Tera shukriya
Suddenly Dex tightened his grip on my hand and i looked at him..
Tears were freely flowing from our eyes now..
“Abh aap pheron kay liye khade ho jaiye..” pandit ji instructed ..
We both held on to each other and got up slowly.
I was made to stand ahead of him for four pheras while he stood ahead in three.
We promised each other that while he will fend for money i will raise and care for our children..
We also promised each other to remain true to each other even in the times when we will be frustrated and angry..
..and we shall never leave each other.
His point of view –
While applying sindoor and putting on the mangalsutra i promised her that now as your husband it shall be my duty to cherish you and take care of you and our family.
“Vivah sampan hua.” Declared Panditji.
We were asked to take everybody’s blessing including John and Bhabhi’s.
Everybody blessed for a happy married life..
It was an end of our courtship but begining of a new relation of husband and wife..
It is a big a responsibility but i know with Pie by my side.i can accomplish anything..


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  1. Di did u end it ???
    .plz say its not true …
    I m still in shock if it true..
    But episode was awesome
    Plz don’t end it??

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u..nai end nai karri hu

  2. Zeestum2

    Thank god after a loooong time loved it stone and the marriage was just awesome and John doing the kanyadaan ??? brother-sister love I just love them please next part soon don’t make me wait more love you ???

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  3. Zeestum2

    Please don’t end it stone this is very close to my heart ❤❤❤??

  4. awesome

  5. Rekha

    After a long time finally u updated……..
    Awesome as always…….?? Loved it…..
    Waiting for ur next update……??

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  6. Vyshu10

    Awesome.Awww….cant believe that they r finally married. And thanks for updating….where were u all these days? And dont end it

    1. Stoneheart

      I updated a few parts before this .. pls see.. thanks

  7. Zelena81196

    Loved it… but is this the end…hope not….

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  8. After a longgggggg time.
    It’s amazing. Finally they are married. Loved it. Don’t end this so soon.

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much

  9. Simi

    Awesome ?

  10. nyc after long u updated

  11. Welcome pragyaaa…i know am late…sryy
    Aftr a veryyy looong tym…happy to read ur updates…i red episodes from 104 till now…amazing…and dos kids were such adorable..n pie’s motherly love toward worth watchable…well well well
    Finallyy…our wait is worthful…
    Wohh kehtehaina…The more u wait,the more ripen fruit ull get…it’s the same…now waiting for der new journey from Miss swara to Mrs.swara sanskaar maheswari….
    Last but not least…
    i missed u pragyaa…
    i hope ur break went veryy well…

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much..i missed u too.

  12. Arshaanya

    After a long tym u posted…
    Finally dey r married nw

  13. Mariyajap

    awesome plz don’t end it

  14. Epi was awesome..Finally they r married.. ??
    R u ending it??
    Please don’t end

  15. Kakali

    Awesome stone heart. i missed ur ff so much. where have u been these decades?
    #Rimpi…(don’t b confuse it’s not Kakali, m Rimpi, using her account since she had left TU..)
    anyway continue soon..

    1. Stoneheart

      Awww i miss her…usko hi karna

  16. Shiksha

    Hi stoneheart
    How are you? After so long I’m seeing you here again…
    Missed you, ruhaaniyat…………………………
    Well, it’s good to see you…..
    The epi is awesome…
    Finally they got married…
    I know I’m a bit late to comment but vat to do sem is going on now…
    Anyways see you soon… N….
    Wish me luck… N… You can also
    Just pray for me….

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much and u will clear ur exams with flying colours

  17. Kakali

    Hilooooooo Pragyaaaaaa !!! *hug..
    waaa i left TU..again come back.. again i left n again i come back…
    yeh fasla kayi mahinoo se chal raha hai mere sath par kambakhat jehen se utarta hii nehi is TU ka nasha…(now don’t laugh after reading those lines)… today again i come back to hiiii helloooo ev1… sooo “Hillo Prgaya”..
    bdw why u disappeard for almost 2 weeks? heee i waited for ur next part but noooo u were too busy to upload..
    but honestly i just loved this chappy… waaa my Dex n Pie…sooo cuteee… finally they officially one now… just eagerly waiting for babies to call Dex n Pie Grandma n grandpa…
    Thnk u… ;-*

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much i am slightly busy with internship and college

  18. It’s awesome..finally they r married.

  19. Nice…..

  20. praguuuuu dr!…
    after looooong tym!
    i missed u so much!
    and ruhaniyath too!
    im nt active dis dys in wattpad so cdnt send u msg. sry 4 dat
    hope ur nw place and job is gd!

    finally my dex and pie gt married!
    im sooo hpy.
    *wipping my hpy tears and blessing them!

    wishing them hpy married life!

    jhons kanyadan is so lvly!

    waiting 4 nxt epi dr!
    keep writing
    lv ya
    sry 4 late cmnt dr!
    and i knw its late wish bt heres wishing u..
    merry x-mas and happy new year!

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much dear..

    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much everybody..

  21. waiting 4 ur nxt epi soo eaglry!
    when u gonna uplode it?

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