Ruhaniyaat (Segment 105) mature contnt


Her point of view –
“No … i am not going to the club … i don’t even drink..its useless..” i complained
We were currently in my sister’s house and the girls were trying to convince us me to go to the club to celebrate my last spinster night..
Like hell i am going..
I would rather check on all the arrangements that have to be done…because knowing Dex he will assume that i will take care of it and will leave it..
“Bhabhi aap itna bhi nai karoge humare liye..” Angel said ..
She is such a drama queen Ted has got a perfect partner in her..but i don’t know why they seem to be avoiding each other lately..
Even when asked about each other they seem to avoid the topic..
“Yeaa sii… chalo na..” sissy whined .
“Okay fine but we are coming back in an hour or so..” i huffed ..
These guys are not going to listen to me.
We quickly got dressed me in black short dresses and headed to the club..
Don’t blame me it was not my idea.

His point of view-
“What do you mean by freedom..? ” I growled to John …
He and Ted have been behind me about being Jhonny for today night..
How can i possibly do so..i know Pie will grill me on charcoal and then have me for dinner..
“Comeon Dude … i know how being married feels like … Babes is great and all but then you need fresh air too.. ” John explained
“Really let me call di…?” Big – B teased..
“Yaar marwayega tu kya..?”
“Pie is not like that..” i argue.
“Really bro..?”
“Do you even have a say on what you eat for dinner..?” John counter questions.
Yes she does ask me sometimes.
Does sometimes count..?
“So am i right or am i right..?” John asks wriggling his eyebrows..
“Alright fine we are going..” i huff and go upto my room to get ready..

Her point of view-
“Guys this dosen’t seem fun ” i declare as i enter the club..
“Guys..” i say and turn around to look for the girls but they are nowhere is sight .
They left me alone in this place.?
Suddenly my phone dings and its a message from sissy.
‘have fun babes ..we love you.’ it read..
I am going to kill them.
How dare they..?
Suddenly a guy approachee me and starts to pull me to the dance floor.
“Come babe lets dance..” he says pulling me to the dance floor.
“Its alright baby ..i am there with you..” he whispers..
I just want to get out of here.
Its the night before my wedding and i want to spend it with my dad my family …not with some random guy at a sick club.
“I need to go..” i say to the guy and pull my hand away from him.
“Hey babes ..wait” he says and tries to proceed towards me when i jerk my hand away from him.
“No means no.” I say firmly before walking out .
His point of view –
“What.?” I question Birdie and Bhabhi when they inform me about their mischief on Pie..
“Let her have fun Zizu” Bhabhi says.
The idea of strange men dancing with Pie is driving me nuts.
“I am going to get her..”
“But bhai..”
“Enough is Enough Birdie..” i roar before storming out..
Meri hone wali biwi ko yeh log kisi club main kaise chod sakte hain.
I try calling Pie’s number but its switch off.
Where are you love..?
Minutes later my phone rings..its a call from unknown number.
“Yes love its me..kaha ho aap..?”
“Dex i am at this club..they left me alone here..please come and get me.”
“Stay there i am coming.” I replied
I sped off towards the club and to my relief Pie is standing outside with the bouncers..
I pull over near her and she jumps into the car.
“Are you alright ..?” I question..
She ignnores my question and pleads “Take me home Dex” ..
I take it as my cue to keep quiet and wait for her to come along..
Minutes later we arrive at our house and are greeted by everybody..
She walks in and heads straight to the bedroom..
I look at her climbing steps and thats when i realise what she is wearing..a black short dress that is barely covering her legs.
She din’t possibly wear that to the club..?
How could she .?
She is mine.
I speed walked to her and caught her just before the bedroom.
“What the hell are you wearing..?” I whisper yelled.
“Wo..wo Dex..” she fumbled with her words.
“What wo wo..?”.
She kept quiet…why the hell is she testing my patience..
“Answer me..” i yelled..
“Th…they made me wear it..” she replied meekly looking down …
That was was the last straw of my patience and i picked her up and carried her to our room

Her point of view –
Dex’s care and over ptotectiveness has increased since my accident .
I understand all of it but he needs to calm down a bit..
“Dex ..set me down ” i demanded
He din’t listen and proceeded to carry me into our room.
Once in he threw me on the bed and hovered over me..
“Only mine.” He growled.
I looked into his eyes and saw a mixture of lust ..anger and jealousy..
“Dex..” i protested ..
He din’t let me complete my sentence and began kissing me widly..
Wee hours of the morning..
His point of view –
As i laid next to my beautiful to be wife i looked at her sleeping form..
I stroked her cheek and her eyes fluttered open..
“Morning babe..” i said kissing her forhead..
“Morning ..” she said snuggling closer to me..
Our naked bodies moulding with the other’s perfectly..
“I want to say something ” i said propping up on the bed ..
She slid up next to me bringing the blanket with her..
“Like i haven’t seen anything.” i mumble
She blushed and hid her face in my chest..
“So i was saying..i want us to take vows for today..our own personal ones..”
“I am impressed..” she said with an appreciating smile.
“So i Dexter promise you to always love you even in our oldage when we will be walking with sticks toothless..
Even when you get wrinkled or fat after giving birth to our cricket team..
I will always love you..”
“I Pie promise you to always love you even when you turn annoying and litter my beautiful house..
Even when your middle will enlarge in our middle ages.
And also even when you will spoil our kids and ruin my efforts to discipline them.
I will always love you..

Thank you so much for bearing with me..i am really grateful to you..

I am settled now and will try my best to be regular now..

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  1. Awesome…..the promise part, I was smiling when was reading.. It’s too good… You just make me feel happy n smile….
    It’s just feels nice to see the update from you just a week before d b’day..
    Thank u dear.

    1. Thank u so much

  2. Simin

    Awesome blossom
    This guy is amazing

    1. Thanks

  3. Amazing. Simply superb

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  4. Chanu

    pragu dr.
    2dy epi is jst awsome!
    i miss u , dex and pie soo much!
    my fav part is da last part! his vows r jst aww. so cute!
    i always lv his posesiveness. 😉
    bt wt will they do 2dy? after mrg. lols!
    wt hpn 2 ted and berdie!?
    r u planing 4 twist?
    sry 4 late cmnt dr.

    waiting 4 nxt epi.

    keep writing
    be happy always
    lv ya

    1. Thank u so much

  5. Zeestum2

    I waited sooooo long for this thank you amazing. Stoneheart ??? continue soon.

    1. Thank u so much..i guess u r a new reader

  6. Awwww !!!
    Wow Awesome as usual
    It was sooooo amazing dear tbat i don’t have words to describe it..
    Update asap..

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  7. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm part ..loved it …

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  8. Kakali

    Pragyaaaaaaaaaa !!! u killed me with this mature part… omggg i was blushing soo hard… !! even though there was nothing to b called as mature… but phir bhiii… !! heyaaa Dex n Pie seriously made me insane… love it dear.. Thnk u… ;-*

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  9. Deeksha gupta

    Whrn will u post nxt part ??

    1. soon dear

  10. where r u pragu dr?
    i ws waiting 2 see nxt epi!
    i cdnt visit wattpad!
    so sry 4 nt msgng u!

    1. thanks n same to u

  11. Vyshu10

    Awesome…its lovely. Dont know how i missed this ep….thanks for telling

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