Ruhaniyaat (Segment 104)


3 momths later

His point of view –
Finally the time is here …our wedding functions begin tomorrow..
Girls have gone out for last minute shopping as they say and we boys are to babysit the kids..
“Lion” princess questioned
“Yes baby girl”
“Wen will mumma come ..? i want mumma..” she whined
“But princess dada is here..lion is here .. mamu is here then why…?” I questioned.
“You all are bwoysh.” She said.
Where did she learn this from.?

Ever since these kids have been going to school they are driving us crazy..
I wonder what they teach them in school..
“Princess look bhai is here too..” i pointed out to the kid who was happily playing on the carpet with his father..
“He no want mummy..he want si..” she said.
Yes that was true the boy adored Pie and she loved him too.
“I want mummy..” she continued to whine.
“Love ..please calm down they will be here soon..” i pleaded but no luck
“Big -B wake up and get your ass down ” i yelled..
“Language..” John whisper yelled and i covered her ears before screaming..
“Can you get your ass down you.” I was going to complete my sentence when the door opened and in walked Birdie.
“Bhai..” she said and glared at me .

Lately she has been getting too protective over him after his recent break down
Poor boy couldn’t take it that his own brother could do something like this.
“Angel” muttered Big – b from the top of the stairs..
There was still sleep in his eyes and he was trying to rub them out..
“Where is Pie and Bhabhi..?”
“Wo bhabhi suhagraat ki shopping karri hain” she said and winked at me..
“Lagata hai kuch special hain aap dono kay liye..” she said and that made us blush..

My crazy weird fantasies were broken by a clearing of a throat..
“Baby let them practise parenting while we have a few practicals..”
She looked at us skeptical and then finally headed upstairs.
“No hanky panky.” I called out
“Yes no funny business.” John yelled .
“Shuraat” Baby boy mummered..he was still not clear with his words ..
“Shuraat surat surat” he repeated all over again.
Out of all the conversation he picked up suhagraat.

I just hope i can quiten him down before Pie and bhabhi come back..
“Baby come here..come to Lion..” i extended my arms to him..
He giggled before getting up and walking up to me..
But princess who was playing closeby beat him to it..she flung into my arms and encircled my neck with her tiny hands..
Baby boy pouted before plopping down on the ground and crying.
“What did you do to my son..?” Questioned john coming out of the kitchen with a plate full of fruits..
“It was not me..” i whined.
“She ” baby boy complained pointing to his sister who was teasing her brother now..
“Princess don’t do that..he is your brother na..say sorry”
“No.” She said stubbornly.

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Pie and Bhabhi with bags in hand .
“Whose troubling my son..?” Questioned pie .
She sometimes adressed the baby boy as her own son.
Si..” he said and hugged her legs.
“Yes my love..i am right how was your day..?” She questioned.
“I play bwoks…big biding for si..”
“Aww so you made a big building for me..?” And he nodded in response.
“Go get it quick..” she cooed to the toddler.

He scrambled on his little feet to get the block building he had created for her..
“Down” princess demanded and i set her down.
“Mumma..” she said and ran to bhabhi who cuddled her daughter..
“Si” he hurried back with the blocks..
“Aww my baby..” she said and hugged him..
“Come on babies lunch is ready..” bhabhi called out.
“Yaay..” the kids squealed and ran to the table..
“So missed me..?” I said and nudged Pie.
“Why should I…?” She questioned.
“Cause i missed you loads.” I said and hugged her from behind.
“But i was with you na..?”
“Here..” she said and pointed at my heart..
“I love you..”
“Lub you..” the twins echoed.

I din’t realise that we had reached the table and we were a source of entertainment for twins and their parents..
Bhabhi had a raised eyebrow while John was stiffling a laugh..
“Well i love you too guys..” Pie said and hugged the twins..
I simply adore this female..
Everbody loves her and i love her lots and lots..
She is going to be a great mother and great wife and the best life partner and i am sure about it..
I just can’t wait to get married to her..

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  1. Nice…
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    1. Stoneheart

      Thank u so much…break acha tha

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    thank u soooo much pragu dr 4 uploading dis epi..
    I ws missing my ruhaniyath sooo much!!

    Lv dis epi.. its rly cute dr!! kids looks soo cute!!
    Nt nly pie dex also ll be a gd dad 4 sure..
    and wow.. 2mrw is da wedding!!??it ws superb.
    Eagerly waiting 4 it.

    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya

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    Hii stoneheart …I’m new fan ..actually i read ur whole story in 3 days n i loved it ..d way u express emotions …n how slowly n steadily they fall in love ..loved it n i just loved d kids ..???

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