Ruhaniyaat (Segment 10)


Pie..we have a season opening party next week …will you come with me..?” I ask hesitantly not sure about her reply..
What if she rejects me.?
She had already done that once…
I wait impatiently for her answer but she keeps stairing at me..
“But why me. You can go with any girl you want..” she says quitely..
My face fell…she thought i was a player..
Dejected i started walking towards my room
But she held my hand …
I looked upto see mischief in her eyes..
She was warming upto me…
“Yes but only if you can catch me” she said and began running…
Her point of view-
” Oh girl you really did a big mistake” he said and started chasing after me..
I ran to his room and then to his study and closed the door…
He came in from the connecting bathroom of his room and said “I am going to catch you so don’t waste your time”
We both ran all the through the house …we reached my room nearly breathless…
“Okay pie i spare you this time..” sit down he said and plopped himself on the bed..
“No..! How m I sure that you won’t get revenge on me when I sit down” i rested my hands on my knees and breathed heavily from all the running…
I was caught off guard when he lifted me from my waist and pinned me to the wall..
His point of view-
I just want to kiss her senseless right now..
But knowing pie..i know she won’t like it..
“I…i … i am sorrryy i..wass jjust jokking.
.oofcourse i will comme with youu” she said
“You look so cute when you are scared Baby” i said pinching her nose and walked out of her room..

Day of the party
His point of view-
Where in the world is she..? I thought pacing my room..
It was 1 hour for the party to begin and she wasn’t home yet..
One thing that i was very particular about was punctuality..
I dont like getting late for things ..when the invite said 7 it meant 7 …
I was the captain after all ..basically the host..i was to be there on time but my date….date..? Was she my date.?
Yea ofcourse..dats why she agreed..isnt it..?
I continue pacing the room..
My palms began to heart was beating loudly.. suddenly i felt scared..
I dint know why but i felt really scared..the fear of loosing was gripping my heart..
Was she alright..?
I dialed her number once again and she dint answer i threw my phone on the bed and sat down with my head in my palms..
“Dex” i hear her call out
I felt relief wash through me before my heart raged in anger…
I turned to look at her .. all the anger washed away when i saw her..
She was wearing a rust colour cocktail dress that ended just above her knees..
The simple chain around her neck matched with the belt around her waist..
My eyes travelled upwards towards her neck..the almost low neck line was teasing me…
I gulped..
My eyes snapped upwards her lips they were so damn inviting..
Her hair was pinned up above her head and her face was glowing..
Her lips were painted red like cherry..
Did she taste like cherry too..?
Where did that come from.??
Her point of view –
“You alright.??” I asked him..when he dint reply i asked him again..
“Yes” he said..his voice almost a whisper..he was breathing heavily..
“No you are not” i said and placed my hand on his chest rubbing slightly..
His point of view-
I couldn’t bear … nor could i withstand any more …
My hands crawlled to her and i pulled her towards me.
My body shook as her hot body fell on me..
But when i looked at her she blushed..her cheeks totally red…
She was beautiful..breathtaking..I couldn’t take my eyes off her..
I lifted her face with my hands and slammed my lips against her..
My kiss was hungry …rough…and almost possessive..
“No body will get to taste them now..” my inner voice said.
She is only mine and the thought itself filled my heart with immense happiness..
I am feeling so damn happy ..!
She returned my kisses with equal passion..
Her point of view-
I thought he will never proceed further …that day after all the chasing around when we both were on the bed i had this sudden urge to kiss him..
But he like an idiot that he actually is went away to his room…arrggghh..!
But i am glad today he took the initiative..
Just then his phone rang breaking us from the daze..
He continued kissing me..
I rested my hands on his chest and distanced ourself …I fished out the phone from his pocket and handed it over to him..
His point of view-
Damn..! The blo*dy phone had to ring now..??
I was in my dreamland..
She handed me over the phone and wriggled herself free from my embrance…
No..! Not so soon i want to hold her longer..
So i caught her by the hand and pulled her towards me…
She had her back resting on my chest and i rested my head on her shoulder feeling her warmth ..
“Dex..! I will be just back from my room then we can go..” she said and went to her room..
I looked at my phone to realise that now i had two missed calls
I called back the person and it turned out to be a newbie in the team who wanted directions to the place..
“Heck..! Why dosen’t you use google map.!” I yelled and cursed him..
I walked upto her room to see her touching up her make up and combing her hair that i had just spoilt a minute ago..
The kiss had been amazing..sensous …sizzling…hot..
“Dex…lets go..” she said tugging at my arm..
“No i am not going anywhere..i want to be with you” and with that i bury my head in her neck inhaling her vanilla scent
Her point of view-
I cupped his face and told him “Sweetheart look at me”..
He does
“We have a party to attend na..?”
He nods his head like a kid in a positive response..
“My Dex is the host na..?”
Again he nods his head
“Then chalo..besides i am also coming na..” with that i hold his hand and take him outside..
He opens the door for the passenger side for me ..and i sit down..
He quicly goes to the other side and we reach the venue..

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