Ruhaniyaat (Segment 1)

His point of view-
“Whaat..? Dad..but i just graduated …Does she know?? Ohh … but i dont even know her properly yet..
Oohh dad …what have you got me into..” I sighed and left the room
Her point of view-
“Nai…! I am not doing it..”
“But its important for the company..” dad said..

Dad- “You are getting engaged to my business partner’s son tomorrow.?”
Me- “what??” I nearly spit out the water i had been drinking ..
“But i don’t know him .. I dont know anything about him..” i begin to protest but he cuts me of by saying that is how he and mom got married..
“But Dad that was back in the 70’s .its 21 st century now…u gotta know the person before you tie the knot..”
—end of flashback
“We are not having this discussion again..tomorrow is your engagement and thats final..” and Dad walks out of the room
Just Great

His point of view-
“Can i meet her atleast before all this??” I try to convince Dad..
And thank god he agrees at once..
So here i am sitting in a cafe waiting for her to come…
I try to recall what she looked like when she was young..but Damn..! I dont remember a thing..
The only thing i remember is mom baking pies for her because she loved them…
I watch a girl enter through texting on her phone..
The way her hair falls on her face when she walks makes my heart race..
She had the perfect set of black hair…that ended up just above her waist
She wore a beautiful blue sundress with matching sandals..
She was dressed elegantly that added to her beauty…
She dint have makeup on like the other girls that i have dated..okay i hate to admit that i am a womanizer and being the captain of the football team din’t help eitheir ..
I was always surrounded by girls..they litreally threw themselves at me..i did many one night stands before but it wasn’t love and i knew it…
But this girl who just walked in..she was something else..
Her point of view-
I walked in and saw him..he looked familiar…
Like i had seem him somewhere…but i just couldn’t place it …
Aah…there it is ..! he is the captain of the football team of the college i was joining..
I had seen him in the college magzine
He was hot..!
He had just worn a pair of casual jeans and and v neck t-shirt…that made his chest musceles show up at necessary places..
Was I gonna marry him…?
Ok ok..get engaged to him..?
Oh god No..!
I had heard girls talk about how he was changing girls like people changed clothes..

His point of view-
” Ohh Boy..! ” Was the only thing that escaped my mouth when i saw her walk up to me…
Was she Pie..?
Okay i had just given her that nickname because thats the first thing that came in my head when i thought of her.
“Pie” yea thats what i will call her from now on..cute..!
She came upto me and sat down in front of me .. she ordered a cup of coffee for herself and then looked at me…
“I can’t do this..” she said in a go..
It nearly took me a few minutes before i understood what she actually meant..
But hold on..! Was she rejecting me..?
She was the first girl who had rejected me and man this wasn’t good…
But she was surely beautiful..!
Hell hot too..
Huh..? Where is all this coming from..?
Her point of view-
“I can’t do this..” i said in a go..
I can see all his muscle tense and a look of defeat crosses his eye…
Was that really defeat..?
And then he was calm again ..
“Even me but we have to do it…it will make our families happy…besides its good for the company as well ” he reasoned..
Yes thats what even what dad had said ..
“What is the problem really ?” I ask him..because i really don’t know…i have been out of the house my entire life..always in hostels…
Dad din’t have time for me and mom well i better not talk about her…
I had just returned a week ago and dad dropped this bombshell at me..
“I have an idea” he says

Hey guys..!
A big thank u to everybody who commented on Humrahi last episode and trust me i read each one of them..
Here I stoneheart am back in action ..
So here it is..
Stoneheart presents Ruhaniyaat..
This story is a Birthday gift to my grandmother whom i lost in 2011 to cancer..

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