Rufi’s b’day OS

9 sept 2020
Rufiiii will u wake up now or not….Its 10 am now…I’m leaving……””an angered voice can be heard..

Rufi–Diii just two more min plzzzzz…
Voice–I m seeing these days u arent listening to me…ok good i’ll pray u’ll never meet ur bhaiya???

Rufi–kanfi dii I woke up…see….lets go where I’ve to accompny you…i will get ready in two min….chalo lets go…..

(So that voice is mine…me n rufi stays in mumbai as paying guest…we both are there for our studies n we share room….we’d a great bond…we have been living together for one yr)

I m just standing there shocked..just see her,,,she woke up n get ready too so fast….chantu mai…

Rufi–di chalo….where we have to go..n yaa dont dare to do blackmail me again using my naks bhaiya name…

Me–(controlling my laughter) okk rufi??

Rufi–di stop laughing???so where are we going….

Me–wo actually rufi i’ve organised a workshop…n there will be many teenagers like you…so I wanted u to accompany me…

Rufi–wowww dii sounds amazing???

We’ve reached @workshop n deal with the students there…Rufi also njoyed whole workshop….now its 8pm n we were about leave…..someone called me…
Me–rufi I’m coming in few min….

–aftr few min–
Me–rufi they are asking me for one more workshop…n i’ve to leave right now…its 2days workshop??

Rufi–wowww di…its amazing n…bt…2days…it means u’ll retrn on 12????…u wont be prsnt here on 11???

Me–yaa rufi..11..!!is there something spcl???
Rufi–no di….ok bye.. take care???n do infrm me when u’ll reach…

We bid goodbye to each other…rufi reached home n went to sleep….

10sept 2020

Rufi POV
Di has i’m all alone here…has di really forget about my b’day or is she planning something…ohh god…so mny thoughts…it means i’ve to clbrate my b’day alone???n this weekend,,there will be no episode of ishqbaaz today….lets see what is di doing now n may be i’ll get to knw if there is any surprise for me….

On call
Rufi–hii dii…how are u???

Me–hi rufi..I m fine…n u???all good n?

Rufi–yaa di i m prfct..just wanted to talk to you…

Me–rufi srryyy…bt i’ve to go..there is second session of workshop..ttyl

Rufi–bye dii??

Srry rufi…I know u must be thinking how can i forgot ur b’day…xctly true???there will be a superb surprise for u..
Let me call them….

On call
Me–everything ready….???should I go ahead????
From other side–yeahhhh

10sept @11:30pm
Rufi is laying on bed n suddenly her phone beeps…

Rufi–excitedly diii…..(bt soon get sad when she didnt get the msg she was xpcting) msg “”madam come out,,there is a parcel for you””

Rufi goes downstairs n forget to lock the room….soneone enters the room….

Rufi–who has sent me this much big gift….
She opens the box n was surprised to see the gift inside it….
There are 4 medium sized teddies connected to each other n there is wrttn “”___ARJS___””
After seeing that gift,,there was no limit of rufi’s happiness…she excitedly run from there towards her room…
Bt her room was locked.. she knocked two to three times….
Rufi–who’s there….dii are u there???open the door n….
A note slipped from the door wrttn “”have patience??””

N the door opens…..n rufi enters…..she searches for the switch n switch on the light…..
As lights are switched on petals of rose starts falling on rufi….
N everyone out there bursts the popper n shouts..

Rufi is just standing still there..she is amazed by seeing every spcl prson she met on TU there…(I m adding only few TU mmbrs,,i dont knw she is attached to whom here??)….all decors ,,environmnt there is just awwwful…

Somu–rufi what happened????
Ronu–we’re real rufi… ??
Jaanu–n definately not the ghost?
Rufi–are ni bff wo bs……
Ishu–now dont start crying now???

Rufi–ishu… ???Yr i m seeing u all,,talking to you guys aftr one yr…I’d lost contacts from all of you due to my studies …bt u all havent forget me… Thnk uu soo much guys….n this teddy is ammazingggg….loved it n along with that ARJS tag???

Neha–rufi….stop this emotional talk now…we r finally meeting thnx to u….for ur b’day kanfi has planned all this…come its time for group hug…

They hug each other…
Rufi–bt bookie where is kanfi di???

Me–I m right here rufi….happyy b’dayyyyy…..srry for being late….was arrnging ur biggest surprise??

Rufi–dii….thnk u soo much. …n dont say srry plzzz….one more surprise??

Ronu–di surprise n all latr…frst lets cut cake no..its too yummy???

Somu–tujhe to bs khana hi sujhta h…
Everyone laughs??

Jaanu–here comes the cake ….

Ishu–come rufi cut the cakeeeeee

Neha–yeah.. i’ll get matches n candle…

Ronu–cut the cake rufi….

Me–are wait…guys dont u think we r forgetting something??

Rufi–what diii???

Me–u forgot…??I knew…dont u rmmbr u share ur b’day with someone??

Rufi–surbhi diiiii.. …

Me–yaa…are she’ll also cut the cake no ..??

Rufi– she us here????

Me–yeah ur biggest surprise….presnting to u or naks bhaiya n surbhi di……

Nakul mehta n surbhi chanda enter the room….

Rufi acts dizzyyy
Ronu–what happnd???
Rufi–m i dreaming???
Neha–no dear??

Nakul–hey rufi….mny mny happy returns of the day…may this b’day beings lots of happiness in ur life …
Nakuul hugs rufi….

Surbhi–hey my twin???happy wala b’day to you….
Surbhi too hugs rufi….
Rufi–happy b’day to u too diii

Nakul–lets cut the cake dearie….

Rufi n surbhi cut the cake n feed everyone…
Surbhi n nakuul gifted a beautiful showpiece to rufi…n we gifted her a large sized potrait of herself…

Nakul–now we’ve to leave…u njoy ur day dear…
Surbhi–thnx for this ammzing gift guys…may god bless u all..

We take selfies n bid them goodbye….
We all party till late night….n spend all day togethr,,,visited mny places n finally had a small house prty at home…..
Rufi was sooo happy with all this surprises n we wanted the same???

hope u’ll read this ff???
May ur all dreams come true n u reach the height of success….may god blesss you…love uuuuu?????
I knw the OS isnt that much good as i m quite bzy these days bt still hope u’ll like it…..
Happy b’day once again??

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  1. Fenil

    Its Nice OS.
    Happy Birthday Rufi.

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk u fenil….
      Btw how are u??

      1. Fenil

        I m fine Knafi…and I send links of TS .what abt u ?

    2. Kanfi

      Yeah i saw it….i’ll read whenever i get time…i m also good???

  2. Soumya85

    Awesome one di??
    Happy birthday rufi??????
    Love you both??

    1. Kanfi

      Thnk uu somu…
      Love u too????

  3. Radhika.k

    Kanfi di ……it was amazing one!!!
    Loved ur whole suprise for rufi!!!!
    It was damn interesting n i am sure that when rufi gets back and read this she will be all the more happy!!!
    Blessed to see ur bond with everyone di!!
    Love u n missing u….come back “ARJS”…..U r the jaan of TU!!!
    Hossom OS di…keep writing n do send me the links…Love u too bahut saara!

    1. Kanfi

      Isme bhi itna long commnt….
      I m smiling while reading ur commnts…
      I m glad u liked it???
      N radhs when was ur b’day,i forgot….do tell me again…
      Love u??

      1. Radhika.k

        Di u remember rufi used to compare my length of the comments wid her…sadly itna hi long mein likh payi…This was for both of u too..

    2. Kanfi

      Ya ya??
      N she her long commnt too?

  4. TUFriendsForever

    Am I dreaming r what???? First thing I did after this was pinchingggggg really didn’t expect this I thought seriously many would wish but didn’t expect OS at all
    So coming to the OS
    2020 was a perfect year u know one thing in your OS really happen I waited for my sissy call at 12 but that sleeping beauty didn’t wish me at that time n later wished with a sorry at 10 pm but didn’t thank god that didn’t happen here
    ARJS seriously that was soooo good I did that in somo’s birthday ARJS indeed meaning has to beChanged now as some names has to be added n thanks all for the wishes sorry I didn’t reply all in personal I don’t have net connected when I get will reply all n nakul bhai don’t pull my legs dii its was superbbbb they wished me on my birthday
    Thank u diiiiiiiiii for this one it was tooo goodddd I won’t forget this love u
    N rads di jaan n all I am not will come back at 2020 in full swing n yeah I am soooo happy missing all n kanfi I didn’t wish u on your birthday na baddd read ahsana di OS belated happy birthday diii take care

    1. Kanfi

      Lovee uu rufiiii?????
      Its okkk

  5. Radhika.k

    Rufi yaar u r jaan for me dear…nee othukariyo illayo….n ya i just wish that 2020 bahut jald aa jaye!!!Waiting for u sweetheart…come back soon..Love u once again n forever!

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