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guys I think to start a new fan fiction with some beliefs which are found in villages and some almighty power as the basis of my story so i think to use the title of the old Tamil serial “Rudraveenai”,the story is as same as about the veena.but I haven’t seen any of its episode because it was aired when I was very young ,so I will write the story on my style without changing the basic plot. I guess you people will support me in writing this,this story also contains a love and hate,fight between people and in just simple words a normal village story which is full of mysteries.
my story’s basic plot:

In a village Rishipur,there is a belief that rudra(lord Shiva)comes and plays the veena which is made up of previous stone for every pounima in order to please parvati ,the people of the village strongly believe that this true.the village consist of two groups of people who have rivalry for almost 4 decades due a problem caused in the temple and
both the group of people searches for the veena which worth. for crores and crores.
Mahadev pritam singh- village head of rishipur.
Pandit Yogesh -head priest of temple.
Diwakar Singh-cousin of pritam and his rival.
Malavika-Dancer in temple
Chandini- reaserch scholar.
Bishwa- Pritam’s grandson.

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