rudraveena (PART 4)


Diwakar Singh comes inside his house and sits before the photo of his daughter Devika.he remembers the past and death of devika and throws away the rifle with of the servant keeps it in the stand.Bishwa sits in the stone near the water falls .munna shouts at him for always playing with the anger of diwakar Singh .Bishwa shouts “why should get afraid of him,he is just a old man according to me ,a poor man without any relations.”.Munna gets terrified to hear the anger talks of bishwa and says”he is devika ma ki father,and your Nana “,Bishwa hold his neck with anger on hearing the name of his mother devika .he cannot remember her face because he haven’t seen her even in photos.he loosens his grip and sits in the stone again with anxiety.

Chandini walks near the waterfalls with utmost care and deligence because she is new to the place and haven’t seen such places in her city. She sits near the a small pond of water and sees through the eater,suddenly she sees a shiva’s roop as a shadow in the water.she moves back with s expression of touching electricity and sees throughout the mountains but doesn’t find such a roop there.she again sees it in water but finds nothing. She thinks to go from the place as soon as possible and begins to run from the area.

Bishwa sees chandini comes running and asks her the matter she cannot tell anything due to her continuous run and murmurs”shiv roop”,she falls on his hand .he tries to wake her but it ends in vain.he lifts her and begins to walk towards the nearby Shiva temple along with munna.while in the same time malavika sits with her veena and begins to play the music.suddenly she feels a awkward sound and stops playing the veena.she comes out on hearing the shout of pritam Singh in front of her house.she comes out and gets shocked to see him dirty due to the work of her servant maali.malavika sees maali with question while pritam shouts “how dare she do this,I know this is your plan?”,she folds her hand inftont of him and begs him to leave the matter and go but pritam begins to shout loudly attracting most of the people on the road.Malavika sees maali with anger ,maali hides behind the pillar of the house.before malavika could say something ,munna comes running and says”chandini madam is uncouscious”,pritam goes from there with a hatred look towards her.malavika comes inside the house and calls maali with anger in her eyes.

pandit yogesh reaches his house and sees his daughter megla waiting for him to have food.he sits after having food in the front porch of the house and calls his daughter to come out with fruits.she sits near him and sees him great thoughts.he tells about meeting chandini in the temple and ends with “she looks like the paravati ma whom I am worshipping daily “,meghala gets very much interested to see chandini .

Precap:chandini sees someone going towards the temple in late night .

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