rudraveena (PART 3)


Chandini sits in the bed thinking about the sound,the masked people searches for the direction where the sound comes and reaches the river bank, all of them feels very much drowsy and falls on the mud because of the music which arises from the veena.Chandini takes out her phone and tries to record the sound,the phone slips from her hand and gets switched off.she gets confused.
next morning,Pritam Singh scolds his servants for not finding the rudraveena yesterday.they tells about the masked men who tries to take the veena.Bishwa sits in the dinninv table and sees Chandini coming down in a black salwar,Pritam sees her so much tired and questions her about it,she gives some reason and sits to have food.

Malavika reaches the temple and stands nwar the mandap,she pllays the music in her tape and begins to dance according to the music from the tape.Malavika sees Someone standing near the painting in the temple and goes near the person.The person turns to be Chandini.Malavika asks Chandini about her whereabout.she smiles “My name is chandini,new guest in Pritamji’s house”.Malavika shockingly sees Chandini.

Yogesh comes to the place and surprises to see the ladies talking with each other,he gets confused to see another girl new to the area.Yogesh sees Chandini and feels a bit related to her,Chandini smiles and leaves from there.Malavika sees Yogesh and wonders about the matter which is affecting him .Bishwa sits in compound wall of some building and shouts “Only girl’s will hide their face in cloths,when did you started it “,a man comes out of the house with a big pistol and aims at Bishwa. a middle aged women comes in between Bishwa and shouts”Papa,don’t dare to do like that he is my son”,he throws away the pistol.Mannu drags Bishwa from there.He says to himself “Today also you protected him ,Devika”.

precap:Malavika sits and plays the veena but cannot concentrate in it.

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  1. Hey ur story is nice… Plz continue it… Eagerly waiting for the next update janani… 🙂

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